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No goal was ever met without a little sweat.

Sweat, Smile & Repeat Hot Yoga Special

1. What is Hot Yoga after all?

Hot yoga is a vigorous form of yoga as exercise performed under hot and humid conditions, resulting in considerable sweating. Certain Hot Yoga practices replicate the hot & humid weather of India, the origin of Yoga. The heated environment of this particular style of yoga helps remove impurities and prepare the body for movement.

2. Why do we need it?

Sweat, Smile & Repeat Hot Yoga Special

As fitness freaks, we all know our body moves more easily in warm temperatures as compared to when it’s cold, right? Clearly, it is then easy to convince your muscles to move through your practise, thus making your muscles spryer and less prone to sprains and further damage.

2.1 It make your muscles “more agile” in lesser time!

2.2 A Mind, Body & Soul Detox!

The most recommended advantage of Hot yoga is the heavy sweating & increased water intake caused by the high intensity of this workout in a humid atmosphere which helps you flush out toxins from the body. But this can become a myth overnight if you aren’t careful with your water intake as it can easily lead to dehydration. Sweating more doesn’t help your body detox quicker, but proper functioning of the kidneys & the liver will help you with that. Although, it is said that people who practise hot yoga have really good skin.

2.3 Amplify your workout’s Intensity!

Sweat, Smile & Repeat Hot Yoga Special

According to Isabel Lambert, director of Tula Yoga Spa in Toronto, working out in high temperatures elevates your heart rate and thus, makes your body work even harder. If you are looking for a high intensity workout to help develop strength & flexibility, Hot yoga should be your choice of workout.

2.4 Relax your body with the help of Heat!

Sweat, Smile & Repeat Hot Yoga Special

Working out in warm conditions helps your body relax, improves breathing and helps conditions like Asthma. It also helps develop better mental concentration and thus, improves the quality of your lifestyle.

3. Maji Sports Hot Yoga Accessories

If you are worried about the amount of sweat you will shed during your Hot Yoga class, we have a long range of Quick Absorption & Anti-skid Yoga accessories that will help you through this high intensity workout with ease.

3.1 Maji Sports Eco-friendly Anti-Microbial Jute Premium Yoga Mat

Jute Premium Yoga Mat is made from Eco-Friendly Natural Jute Fibres & PER Polymer Environmental Resin. The mat has textured surface for superior grip and has anti-microbial properties for those extra sweaty practices like Hot Yoga.
Sweat, Smile & Repeat Hot Yoga Special

3.2 Maji Sports 2-Tone TPE Non-Slip Reversible Yoga Mat

A Yoga mat made from Eco-friendly Certified TPE Foam, it is Slip Resistant & Non-Sticky, even when wet from light perspiration. Its stability & anti-microbial properties make it a perfect accessory for Hot Yoga practise.
Sweat, Smile & Repeat Hot Yoga Special

3.3 Maji Sports No Skid Quick Dry Sand Wash Yoga Towel

Sweat, Smile & Repeat Hot Yoga Special

With Microfiber technology for optimized moisture absorption, this yoga towel dries 200% faster than cotton and provides a slip resistant & hygienic surface between you and your yoga mat. It is available in solid colours as well as in trendy tie n dye colours.

3.4 Maji Sports Silicon-Waffle Hot Yoga Moisture Absorption Towel

The ultimate Yoga mat towel that you need for hot yoga & Vinyasa flow yoga, it’s Silicon surface provides quick drying & super absorption properties & better traction than standard microfiber yoga towels either wet or dry. Dampen with water before practice for best the best grip.

4. Watch out for Drawbacks & Precautions!

As glorifying as Hot yoga can seem, it has its disadvantages too if you aren’t careful. But don’t worry, we have all the precautions you need for a safe & smooth Hot yoga class.

4.1 Listen to your body

Sweat, Smile & Repeat Hot Yoga Special

The best way to keep your body safe is to learn to listen to your body & use your best judgement. When it comes to heat, different people have different levels of tolerance. If you feel hot and lightheaded, drink some water. If you don’t feel better quickly, you should probably stop and go out for some cool air and let somebody know. There is no need to feel embarrassed and push your body, just do what you are capable of practise makes perfect.

4.2 Water intake: Too little or too much?

Sweat, Smile & Repeat Hot Yoga Special

Dehydration is a possibility when you’re working out in high temperatures, so making sure you drink enough water is important. Now, drink when you do feel thirsty but do not force yourself to drink water just because you think you should. Overhydrating yourself can lead to Hyponatremia which can happen when you over hydrate to the point that your blood becomes diluted and your sodium concentration drops dangerously low.

4.3 Is it possible to get a heat stroke from Hot Yoga?

Even though hot yoga is said to be safe and gentle for everyone from children to seniors, it’s always better to be prepared! People with high or low blood pressure and heart disease, diabetes, arterial abnormalitiesanorexia nervosa, and a history of fainting are advised to try an easier form, and to limit the amount of time they spend in the heat. Pregnant women, on the other side are advised not to practise it at all.

5. What do you need for your Post Hot Yoga Workout?

As challenging and as intriguing as Hot Yoga can be, sore muscles are never a treat. When your muscles start cramping because of the high intensity workout, you will need a good massage to loosen up. A Massage is widely believed to enhance muscle recovery after vigorous exercises. A terrible tight spot or an injury, a massage will help speed your recovery and the best part is, you can do all of this in the comfort of your home!

5.1 Maji Sports has a wide range of Fitness & Recovery products that can easily rejuvenate your tired muscles at the best prices available online.

Sweat, Smile & Repeat Hot Yoga Special
For more details on recovery massages, click on the below link for our last blog on “Recovery Massages at Home”:

5.2 Drink plenty of water as water intake helps improve muscle recovery. 

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