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The only wealth you will keep forever is the wealth you have given away.

Finding Richness in Giving of Yourself - Majisports

There are many ways to get rich today. We're not talking about investing in the stock market, selling wears on eBay, or winning the lottery. Having money and material things may be one way to acquire richness in your life, but there are other meaningful ways to feel rich: giving to others.

1. Karma: Do good for others!

In yoga, there is a term and practice called Karma. Coming from the Hindu tradition, Karma is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning "action" or "doing." It relates to the selfless acts of doing things for others. The intention, though, is expecting nothing in return. It is giving for the sake of giving. Just with the simple act of sharing, providing, and giving to others, you receive. The rewards of this yogic practice is developing a pathway to a deeper spirituality. You are enriched with the spiritual gifts and a closer connection to the Divine when you practice Karma

Karma - Do good for others - Majisports

As you observe all the happenings in the world today, you are witness to the many trials individuals, families, and communities are facing right now. Homelessness, poverty, hunger, illness, isolation, and other travesties make this list longer. It may seem quite overwhelming to know of all the hardships and pain that people are dealing with in this modern era. You may have asked yourself, what can you do to help? This is a perfect opportunity to practice Karma Yoga: give of yourself to those in need.

2. How to start?

First, consider what strengths and talents you possess that you can share with others. Perhaps you have the financial means to donate to charity. Research some organizations that you would like to support and provide a monetary contribution or go in to volunteer if you're able. Look into local chapters of larger viable organizations that can use these funds for extending help and resources to needed communities. Even if it is a moderate donation; every little bit counts.

How to start? - Majisports 

Maybe you have a gift like sewing, telling jokes, or cooking. Use your talents to mend damaged clothing for re-use, tell funny jokes to make the residents laugh in an assisted living center, bake a tray of cookies for an isolated neighbor. Your actions may seem small, but to others, it will feel like the grandest of gifts. Showing up and sharing what you have is a true indication that you care. Referring back to the Karma, it is all about the action. You devote your time to help others because you want to, not necessarily because you have to. The reward is not a check in the mail or a commemorative plaque. It may be as simple as a "thank you."

3. Use your skills & talents

Consider what is going on in the world right now: dealing with racial tensions, economic decline, and a global pandemic. Everyone is affected by this, even you. Yet you can still help in your own way. If you're in a position to do so, invest in personal protective equipment like goggles, masks, or gowns for your local medical facility. You don't always have to contribute money to help someone in need. If you can sew (or just want to learn) point your efforts toward making cotton facial covers for those that do not have access to them. Be creative; paint a picture or bake cookies to share with folks in need of a smile.

 Use your skills & talents - Majisports

Sometimes simply being acknowledged can be very meaningful to someone who has been isolated. Have a conversation with someone who is feeling lonely and depressed. Just sit and listen with no judgement. Folks are dealing with so many overwhelming emotions and need a safe space to release these difficult feelings. Video conference call your friends and neighbors, send flowers or balloons with a greeting card to someone who is living alone. They will appreciate the loving gesture.

4. Support Health-care workers

Do you know health care workers who are spending a tremendous amount of hours helping others? Maybe they need assistance, too. Offer to clean their house, look after their kids, water their lawn. They will be so appreciative of your giving nature. Families are struggling with making ends meet. Many are now unemployed or are taking care of family members in their home. Cook some meals for your neighbors, go grocery shopping for them, or carry their garbage to the curb.
Support Health-care workers - Majisports

There are endless possibilities on what you can do to make yourself rich. Observe within yourself what you possess that you can offer to the world around you. By giving of your gifts and talents, YOU become rich. You gain wealth by expressing love and generosity. Your spiritual being is brightened and enriched when you tend to the needs of others over your own. The material things you own decrease in value when you experience the abundance of joy and gratitude when you practice Karma.

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