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To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders

To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders - Majisports 

What do you truly desire in life: joy, happiness, love?
Have you been able to acquire these things in your life?
What is getting in the way of adding these valuable items into your daily living?
It is easy to be influenced by the all the negativity that is around us. The news is saturated with sad information, people are being harmed on the streets, governments are being led by corruption and scandal. These things can make the average person feel scared, anxious, angry, and depressed. These emotions can rest heavy within you. It's like wearing a satchel of bricks tied around your shoulders; a constant burden weighing you down. It can leave you feeling judgmental, critical, and angry toward the events in the world. And without intent I ally doing so, those same feelings are sometimes directed toward yourself. Self-criticism and self-judgement can be the most negative feelings one can have about themselves.
Judgement is coming to conclusions about something whether it is true or not. It is settling on a mere notion about something, someone or even yourself. These conclusions can be based on truth, but they can also be based on lies or misconceptions. People can develop belief systems out of judgements, too. These can become long lasting mindsets and opinions about aspects of the world around them and the people in it. Unfortunately, these lead to additional falsehoods and undermined circumstances. The result is a lack of truth and understanding, unruly behavior, and ostracizing of others. This does not sound like the peaceful living of someone who is seeking joy and love in their lives.

Being Happy with Life - Majisports 

Judgement can inhibit the pathway toward enlightenment and peace of mind. They act as walls and obstructions that curtail one's desire for being happy with life. It is harder for one to see the intended goal: the positive, radiant energy of love, gratitude, and joy. These are the things that bring you peace in your life. But if there are hindrances, like stereotypes and judgement, the path remains long and arduous.

1. Judging Self

The first step toward cellaring your life lath is to take a good look at yourself. Not only should you take a look at yourself in the mirror, but observe your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. By looking at your own reflection, you can begin the process of letting go of false truths about yourself. Self-criticism is very damaging and needs to me eliminated. Observe your physical aspects. If you see yourself as flawed, unattractive, or ugly in any way, acknowledge those viewpoints and unhealthy lies.

Judging Self - Majisports 

Start to see your true nature: your unique beauty, your undeniable light that resides within you. Even if you do not believe this at first, keep returning to the mirror until you can honestly see these aspects about yourself. Shed the blanket of judgement and wrap yourself in the veil of gratitude. This is probably one of the most important exercises you can do for yourself: accept yourself for who you are in this present moment. Stop comparing yourself to others; let go of the false statements that have been said about you. Embrace the many talents and traits that you possess.

2. How do you free yourself of judgements?

Use techniques and treatments that only serve you in the most positive way: write a daily gratitude journal, describe yourself only with positive statements, use yoga and meditation to reveal your inner light and full potential. As you do these things consistently, you will see a natural shift in your perspective and attitude. Your world view will also change.
It will be easier for you to see the negative actions out in the world and how they affect yourself and others. Instead of perpetuating the problem by participating in the gossip and spreading of untruths, you'll contribute love, joy, and appreciation of the things around you.

Free yourself of Judgements 

Even in the midst of grief and chaos in the world, you can always find beauty and something positive. As you become the witness of truth in your surroundings, you also take part in the peace-making that is so needed right now. In a time of division and separation, by getting rid of judgement, you are creating inclusion. These are necessary steps toward seeing and living a life of peace.

3. How to walk the path of truth so you can live a life of joy and happiness?

The process of walking the path of peace and love begins with believing in those things in yourself. Know that you ARE peace; you ARE love. This can and should be your new belief and way of being. As you authentically practice this, your light shines; others observe it and are attracted to it. Deep down inside, even the critical people want some acknowledgement.

Walk the path of truth so you can live a life of Joy and Happiness 

They crave for love and appreciation, too. Show them with your actions and thoughts. Reflect what you see in the mirror onto others with whom you come into contact. They will experience and respond to your acts of truth and peace. In doing these things, you drive a movement for inclusion and community, you take steps toward respect for one another, and the result is a life of non-judgement, non-violence, and well deserved love.

4. Meditation to Be in Tune with Our Inner Universe

Studies have shown that meditation improves self-image and self-worth. When we meditate, we get a clear picture of our mind and become aware of the thoughts that drive our emotions and actions at the moment.

Meditation to Be in Tune with Our Inner Universe 

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