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Stay calm during these times of crisis…

Stay calm during these times of crisis - Majisports

In these unpredictable times, it can sometimes be a challenge deciphering what is fact from fiction. With the novel coronavirus, each day we learn something new about symptoms, treatment, how to remain healthy, etc. It can easily leave your head spinning trying to figure out the best direction to lead yourself and your family. You wonder if you are choosing a smooth path towards wellness or a down a rocky path of disaster.

What is the truth?

Making such important decisions can make you doubt yourself. You may feel ill-informed, incapable, and confused in this strange era. You're in a constant state of second-guessing yourself. Needless to say, this leaves you feeling even more stressed and anxious, resulting, unfortunately, in a lack of self-worth.

1. Identifying with the Non-Truth

The ego has a crazy way of identifying with these types of feelings. That is, if you start to doubt yourself and your decision-making, you tend to stir toward believing this about yourself. You think that you really are unable to make the right choices in these extraordinary circumstances.

Identifying with the Non-Truth - Majisports

The intention here is to remind you that this is NOT your truth. It is important to realize that this virus has not only targeted the cells of vulnerable people creating sickness and death. It has also triggered the fibers of our being making us sick with despair, uncertainty, and depression. If you feel that you have fallen victim to this part of the pandemic, then it is time to search and practice a remedy and cure.

2. What IS Your Truth?

Love is the energetic power that can get you through this illness. It may be important to contemplate the powerful nature of love; it is more than we think it is.

 What IS Your Truth? - Majisports

It is not just expressing a particular type of emotion toward another person. Often saying "I love you" can sound a bit arbitrary and benign. Love has much greater depth and function.

3. What Is Love?

Love is a high vibration; it rides on a higher frequency than most other emotions. Let's see if this can be explained in a way that all can understand.
Mood: One simple way to understand the concept of a "high vibration" is to think of your mood. When you feel exceptionally happy and joyful, able to smile with ease, or walk with a spring in your step, you are probably resonating on a higher vibration. On the contrary, a lower vibrational mood may show up as sluggish movement, feeling heavy in your body, and unclear thinking.

 What Is Love? - Majisports

Light: You can understand the role of "frequency" through the concept of light. Walking into a dark room leaves everything unseen. You're more cautious, move slowly so as not to bump into any furniture, you feel uncertain. Once you find the light switch and turn on the light, the room is illuminated. You can see clearly; admire all the details in the room, and you feel more confident moving around in the space.
Love works in the same way. It resonates on a higher vibration creating an ease and clarity within you. It is like the light glowing in a room; it manifests certainty, confidence, determination, honesty, and a host of other radiant feelings. This is the medicine that can cure the low vibrational energy the coronavirus has created within us.

4. How to Manifest Love

The devastating symptoms of COVID-19 have made us feel less-than, angry, and doubtful. The ego easily claims these as truths about ourselves. To reiterate, this is NOT your truth. Your true essence lies in who you REALLY are. Your inner strengths and talents are the representations of the love that you are and express.

5. Discover Your Strengths

Take a moment to sit in a quiet space. Find a room that is void of distractions. Use the time to write down or simply visualize in your mind the strengths you possess. Perhaps you view yourself as a giving and loving individual. You express kindness, joy, and appreciation. Maybe you are organized, punctual, creative, and articulate. You are resourceful, funny, and pleasant to be around.

Discover Your Strengths - Majisports

These are your truths; it is these traits and talents that resonate on a higher vibration and frequency. When expressed, you should feel light like a feather and bright like a sun-filled room. Remember these truths about yourself. Hold them in your mind and heart; write them down in a journal so you can recall them when you are feeling down and depressed.

6. Let Your Light Shine

We are in many ways being overshadowed by the burden of what is happening in our world today. It is a dark place, but definitely not a place you need to reside long term. You must find ways to make your light shine.

Let Your Light Shine - Majisports

It takes stillness and silence (meditation) to remember your truths. We are distracted by the loud sounds of untruths that affect our true essence. Finding quiet moments to breathe and reflect is the key to bringing what is true back up to the surface. Darkness makes you forget your truths. That's why it is a good idea to write down your strengths for later reference. Sit and meditate on what makes you feel good.

Let Your Light Shine - Majisports

Once you recall your strengths, act on them. Let them be your guide through these dark days. Let your light shine. Dance, sing, make someone laugh. Be kind to yourself and others. Listen to people. Lend a hand. Bake a cake, play a game, play dress-up with your kids. This is your true nature. This IS love manifesting.
When you resonate on this higher vibration, you are expressing the healing power of love. First and foremost, that medicine needs to be directed inward. You need to remember your truths; claim them, identify with them, and believe them. When you are able to express these feelings inward, they later become an outward expression. Others around you, your family, neighbors, co-workers, and community will experience your truth. They will see your light and be transformed themselves. Love is abundant; there is plenty to go around. As you share the light within you, others also see the light within themselves. Be the light that cures yourself and allow this remedy of love be a haven of hope for others.

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