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Good Bye 2020
2020 was like no other year. As we rung in the new year, many expected new beginnings. We anticipated a healthy start to a new decade. No one ever expected to receive what the year had to serve. The most devastating event, of course, was the realization of a global pandemic. Dealing with social distancing, lockdowns, loss of jobs, and the loss of life was enough to turn one's world upside down. It brought turmoil, fear, depression, and stress. So much so that it laid like a heavy cloud over us all year long. This type of energy, especially as it prolonged throughout the entire year, is a difficult one to lift. The cloud only grew darker and heavier.
Enjoy The Life
Even though there was this heavy burden resting on our shoulders, we can still have hope as we emerge into a new year. Gradually, we can begin to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. The negative energy of 2020 still lingers, though, so how can we let go of that force as we attempt to move forward. Turning to methods of self-care is ideal in these times. We must identify the negative energy that resides inside us and use daily
techniques to guide us forward.

1. Identify the Negativity

It is important to first identify how the unpredictable events of 2020 have affected you. For some, it brought great fear and anxiety. For others, it may have meant loss and depression. What emotions came up for you? Once you have identified your feelings, notice where it manifests in your body. For example, stress may feel like a heavy weight lying across your shoulders. It may also settle in your stomach leaving you ill and nauseous.
Identify the Negativity
These types of emotions have a low vibration. This simply means that experiencing difficult emotions makes it more challenging for your body to function. You may feel like a heavy boulder that is hard to move. When your emotions shift to feelings of joy, happiness, gratitude, and appreciation, you resonate at a higher vibration. You feel lighter and buoyant. It is easier to move, think, and enjoy life.

2.Letting Go of Negative Energy Movement

One way to start letting go of negative energy is moving your physical body. Although it may be hard to do at times, moving to stimulate the muscles and blood flow will have a positive reaction on your body and mind.
Letting Go of Negative Energy Movement
Walking, running, working out, jumping jacks in the living room, or yoga can be ways to make a positive shift. Keep it simple at first; any type of movement is a step in the right direction. With consistency, the lower vibrational emotions will dissolve resulting in feeling lighter.
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3.Deep Breathing

This is another good exercise you can do to raise the positive energy in your body and mind. It can be done just about anywhere and anytime. Even while you are sitting, you can take a few moments to close your eyes, and take some slow deep breaths.
Deep Breathing
Mindful breathing is a way to be more aware of yourself. The breath work stimulates certain triggers in the brain that improve your mood, concentration, and energy level. It is an easy way to clear your mind when you are feeling burdened by stressful thoughts. As these heavy thoughts dissipate, you are open to better receive the higher vibrational feelings of joy and happiness into your life.

4.Talking to Someone

It can always be a good idea to talk to someone you trust when you are feeling sad or depressed. Although you may feel ashamed or embarrassed to discuss your problems and state of mind, it is actually a healthy way to let go of negative energy in your mind and body. You can think of those low vibrational feelings as heavy sacks weighing down your body. When you talk to someone, image those heavy sacks being unloaded from your body. You will feel so much better after releasing those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.
Talking to Someone
When you're looking for ways to let go of negative energy stored up from a challenging year, consider these tools as a way toward a clear pathway: a positive path into this new year.

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