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You can always control what goes on inside your mind

Yoga is more than just an exercise. It is a philosophy and discipline that can help you in many parts of your life. It doesn't matter your race, gender, size, or age; yoga is for everyone and there is a style of yoga that fits exactly what you need.

You can always control what goes on inside your mind -

If you've been fascinated by yoga, but have not tried it yet, it can be quite easy being intimidated by the discipline. If you've viewed pictures of yogis on the internet, or have watched yoga videos, you may notice that most of the people demonstrating the practice are young, fit, and flexible. For good reasons, these images can discourage you from wanting to try yoga.

Yoga as a Discipline to Improve Mental Focus Regardless of Age -

If your body does not match the ones you're viewing in these videos and pictures, you may be swayed away from going to a class. This should not dissuade you; yoga is something that everyone can practice. Even if you're not flexible, even if you're not in the best shape, even if you're more mature in age - yoga is designed for every individual.
There are many reasons why people practice yoga: some people want to get more flexible, perhaps they have an injured back that needs some healing. Another main reason why people move towards a yoga practice is because it can help with mental focus, peace of mind, and clarity. It is important to know that you can start yoga at any time. You do not need to be young and in shape to practice yoga. Arrive as you are right now.
As we get older, we are faced with so many responsibilities: work, taking care of families, paying bills, health issues, and the list goes on. It can make anyone feel stressed and agitated when it comes to managing all of these obligations.

You can always control what goes on inside your mind -

It seems that more and more is added to the plate, but minimal means and not enough adequate time to take care of it all. Our bodies and brains take the brunt of it and it manifests into anxiety, regret, feeling overwhelmed, exhaustion, and even illness. Unfortunately, for some, turning to unhealthy remedies has been an option to attempt to feel better: drugs, alcohol, over eating, binge shopping, etc. We are all in need of something healthy and reliable to help with these stressful times.

Yoga as a Discipline to Improve Health -

This is the perfect time to step into a yoga class. If your resources are low and it seems like you're running out of options as to how you can continue to take care of yourself mentally and physically, a yoga class can be of assistance. You may be a little older and a little out of shape, but that doesn't matter at all. If you're intention is to feel mentally better, then a yoga studio is the place to go. Of course, you can attend a class that involves a lot of movement and yoga postures, but if you're really just looking to settle your mind, then you may try some of these other options.

 1. Restorative Yoga

This is the perfect class to attend if you're new to yoga or feel a bit intimidated by the whole concept of yoga. It is designed for any level of yogi regardless of age, size, or gender. If you're experiencing a stressed out mind and some minor aches and pains, try a Restorative Yoga class.

Restorative Yoga -

Your instructor will guide you through a series of relaxing poses, mostly done on the floor. You'll use plenty of yoga props to support your body in reclining postures. You will lie on top of a soft blanket, use large cushioned bolsters to support your body in carefully composed back bends, or yoga blocks to reduce the strain in your tight hips while sitting. Maji Sports, has all these props and Bolsters available at great prices. The idea is to completely relax your entire body, thereby relaxing your mind. You are allowed to tune out those distracting thoughts that tend to run through your worrying brain. Often, gentle music and a low lit room is a part of the yoga experience. You will leave your Restorative Yoga class feeling so much better. This is a practice you can do several times a week.

2. Yin Yoga

This is an another yoga practice that can ease your weary mind, but it also has other healing qualities: physically and mentally. Much like Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga is designed to completely relax your body. The added component is that you disengage your muscles. Even when we are not aware, our muscles are constantly firing; this can lead to even more stress in the body. With the same supportive yoga props and positioning yourself into carefully designed yoga poses, you release tension in your joints, unbind connective tissue, and stretch tight muscles.

Yin Yoga -

Energetically, we store emotional tension in our bodies, too. That's why when we are under stress, for example, we become angry or depressed as a way to cope with the added pressure. In order to release any of that tension, the body and mind need to fully relax. In Yin Yoga, you hold postures for up to 12 minutes at a time. This is to ensure that the fully charged muscles and bound up tissues have sufficient time to release. Over time, with a continued Yin Yoga practice, you will not only gain some flexibility in tight areas of your body, but you'll feel emotionally cleansed as well.

3. Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra -

This style of yoga practice is perfect for any person.
It does not involve any physical movement. This is a meditation class in which the yoga instructor guides you through mental images and connections to your body. As the student, all you have to do is lie down using the comfort of supportive props like blankets and bolsters. It's like going on a mental journey of healing and clearing the mind. It is very relaxing. During the meditation, you settle into a space between being fully awake and in a dream-like state. Yoga Nidra means "yogic nap," and after your experience, you'll feel as if you took a refreshing nap.
So, if you're in need of some mental focus and clarity, yoga can be the resource that guides you in the right direction. Practicing any one or all of these styles of yoga can be your ticket to feeling your absolute best.

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