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Too Busy for Yoga class?

Everyone seems to be racing to their yoga classes these days. Practicing yogis head out in the early morning, on their lunch breaks, or sometimes after work to attend their favourite yoga class. What if you have every intention to go to yoga, but you're just too busy?
Busy in work - Bring Yoga to Your Employees -
Work and other obligations can sometimes take you away from taking care of your personal needs. You know how important it is to maintain a high level of self-care, but time restraints, work deadlines, school, and many other things can certainly become an obstacle. What if yoga came to you? Wouldn't that be ideal? Of course, and it IS possible!
Practice yoga - Bring Yoga to Your Employees -
Everyone should have the opportunity to practice yoga, but skipping across town during your lunch break or getting up early enough to attend an early yoga session can be inconvenient. It is even difficult to find time to do a solo yoga practice.
You may even encounter co-workers that are in the same boat: they want to exercise or practice yoga, but have no time to leave work to take a class. What is the solution? How can you bring yoga to your workplace? It may sound like an impossible request, but you can have yoga in your work environment for you and your colleagues.

    1. What is Corporate Yoga?

Corporate Yoga - Bring Yoga to Your Employees -
The yoga instructors you encounter at the local gym or in a yoga studio may also teach in other settings. Some yoga instructors are independent contractors which means they have a personal business that allows them to teach in different yoga establishments or contract themselves out to other venues, including small businesses and corporations. Something that is rather new to the yoga evolution is what's called Corporate Yoga. This is where independent contractors provide their services to local businesses. Yoga instructors are happy to bring yoga to your work environment so you can gain all the benefits of the practice at your convenience.
Some instructors may volunteer their time to teach. If they charge for their services, which is typical, co-workers can split the cost for the payment of the yoga instructor to come to their desired meeting place. All you really need is an open area to practice yoga. This could be a conference room, a library, or cafeteria; just a space where you have plenty of room to spread out your yoga mats and move your bodies.

      2. How does one find an instructor to teach at your place of employment?

You can contact a local yoga studio and inquire about yoga instructors. Ask if they provide Corporate Yoga classes. You're sure to get a positive response. They know, too, that it isn't always easy to get away to attend a yoga class in another facility. Instructors are happy to bring yoga to you. If all goes well, this could potentially turn into a regular routine for you and your co-workers. If you have enough interested employees, you could offer several classes during the work week.
One find an instructor to teach at your place of employment - Bring Yoga to Your Employees -
If your company or office has the capability to include extracurricular activities into the budget, consider adding yoga. This may be a weekly yoga class or a class offered two times per week for your employees. The budget will allow you to pay for your qualified yoga instructor and perhaps some props like yoga mats, blocks, and straps. You might want to consider reaching out to Maji Sports as they offer special discounts on all their yoga accessories to corporations.

      3. What Yoga styles would fit more?

In deciding what style of yoga to make available to your employees. You should offer a variety of classes: some moving yoga classes so there is an element of exercise the employees can receive. Add some gentler yin-yoga slower, meditative classes to introduce relaxation, mindfulness, and rejuvenation. Having a variety of yoga classes available to your employees will result in greater morale, less stress on the job, and improved productivity. You could even offer incentives to employees who participate in your scheduled yoga sessions.
Yoga styles would fit more - Bring Yoga to Your Employees -
Offering yoga in the workplace is a win-win situation for all involved. It provides the opportunity for inspiring yoga teachers to offer their services to groups of people that need and want a regular practice. For the companies involved, it provides a convenient space to take part in a healthy activity without interfering with their work structure. In fact, it only enhances their work performance because of the benefits they will gain from having a regular yoga practice.
So, instead of wishing you could go to a yoga class, collaborate with your yoga-minded colleagues and invite a yoga instructor to your work place to provide a fulfilling yoga practice for you and your fellow employees.
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