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Try out the new Fitness Blend: Yoga & Spinning

Yoga & Spinning - Why Yoga & Spinning Make for a Great Exercise Combo - majisports
Yoga is certainly an activity that can be practiced independently. It comes with its own set of benefits that will lead you toward greater strength, flexibility, agility, peace of mind and more. What if you combined your yoga practice with other activities? If you regularly attend spin classes, you may want to think about combining these two activities for maximum health benefits.

   1. What are the benefits of Spinning?

Going to spin classes regularly offers plenty of benefits to a person wanting to get into shape or maintain a healthy body.

            1.1 Lose weight with this combination.

Lose weight with this combination - Why Yoga & Spinning Make for a Great Exercise Combo - majisports
Spinning at the aerobic level gets the heart rate up and helps to burn calories. Over time, you'll probably burn fat and lose weight if that's your intended goal.

          1.2 Strengthen your core.

Strengthen your core - Why Yoga & Spinning Make for a Great Exercise Combo - majisports
Due to the mechanics of the exercise, you also gain muscle definition; you'll experience more lean muscle especially in your legs. Spinning is also attributed to strengthening your core muscles. Sitting in an upright position with active breathing and pedaling all strengthen your abdominal system. You may even see a "six-pack" as a result.

        1.3 Improve your mental health

Improve your mental health - Why Yoga & Spinning Make for a Great Exercise Combo - majisports
Another benefit of spinning goes beyond the physical. This type of training can also produce mental clarity and encourages mindfulness. That is, it's an opportunity to really focus on yourself; it is a healthy introspective work. With the rhythmic cadence of cycling and breathing, you are able to tune into calming and easing your mind, even while you're exercising. Spin training teaches determination and dedication, too. It produces mental skills to help you move through life obstacles.

   2. How does Spinning & Yoga class complement each other?

When you consider the benefits of spinning, you may also think about the similarities it has with taking a yoga class. The two, in fact, are quite complimentary.

          2.1 Relax your muscles after a spin class.

Relax your muscles after a spin class - Why Yoga & Spinning Make for a Great Exercise Combo - majisports
When engaging in the physical practice of yoga, you can experience great benefits to your body. Many poses actively stretch your muscles. This can be quite helpful if your spin regularly. Your legs and upper body take on a considerable amount of work in a spin class. They can even feel tight and stiff. Yoga will help to loosen and relax those muscles. Further, yoga postures open can release bound up areas of the body: ligaments, joints, and other connective tissue. When relaxed, your body will enjoy greater range of motion in certain activities: walking, running, spinning.
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           2.2 How does this blend helps improve your posture?

Yoga will help to improve your posture, too. When you spin, your body tends to be hunched over the handle bars; plus, you are sitting. This may create a rounded back, hunched shoulders, and tight hip flexors. In yoga, you perform postures that will counter these conditions in your body: backbends and hip openers are often practiced in yoga to maintain a balanced and aligned body overall.
Yoga Block - Why Yoga & Spinning Make for a Great Exercise Combo - majisports
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             2.3 Strength & Stability

There are some yoga postures that will feature core engagement to improve your strength and stability. Boat Pose, for example, is a stabilizing posture that engages the abdominal region to fully strengthen your core. As it continues to get stronger, you'll see a great improvement on the cycling seat. You'll be more likely to sit upright for a longer period of time to endure a tough uphill climbing segment in your spin class.

           2.4 Improves focus on breathing.

Improves focus on breathing - Why Yoga & Spinning Make for a Great Exercise Combo - majisports
Yoga, of course, helps you to focus on your breath. Breath is actually the foundation of most yoga practices. It keeps your body well oxygenated with good blood flow so you can effectively move in and out of your yoga postures. Breath, too, is important to encourage ease of mind, patience, and concentration. These are ideal in life and can come in handy while in spin class, too. The dedication you practice in yoga can easily be transferred to your exercise regime.

   3. What do you need to know about the combination of yoga & spinning class?

When it comes to your spin and yoga practices, a question asked may be: which do you do first?
Need to know about the combination of yoga & spinning class - Why Yoga & Spinning Make for a Great Exercise Combo - majisports
One theory is to attend your spin class first then attend a yoga class. When you spin, you get your heart rate up and you're working many muscle groups. You may even feel tired after enduring climbs and sprinting drills. In order to relieve any muscle tension and to relax the mind and body, attend your yoga class second. Yoga will ease your used muscles, lower your heart rate and pulse faster. In some posture-focused classes you may perform specific poses (like Pigeon Pose, Bridge Pose, Child's Pose, Spinal Twist (to open your hips, release your tight shoulders, relax your back, and relieve your core muscles). Yoga will also increase your recovery time so that your body is ready to endure your next bout of spinning.
If you're an avid cyclist and enjoy a good spin class, consider adding a regular and consistent yoga class to your exercise routine in order to see an overall improvement in your mind and body.
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