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Gratitude, like faith, is a muscle!

1. We become what we think about!

If you turn on the television or listen to a radio talk show, many of the information that is delivered to you is often negative, devastating, traumatic, or sad. The same can be witnessed in social media today: cyber bullying and online public criticism. We seem to be surrounded by this type of energy. It makes you wonder how this affects you personally. If you're constantly exposed to negative words and stories, what does that do to your view of the world, your personal worth, and self-acceptance?
We become what we think about! - The Power of Gratitude
Being exposed to too much of this type of news can weigh heavy on your psyche. It can lead to unhealthy conditions that silently develop in your mind and body. Depression, hyper vigilance, anxiety, and high blood pressure are just a few of the things that can occur when you are surrounded by negativity.
And just as negative news has a negative effect on you, positive news can generate the complete opposite: happiness, appreciation, positive affect, and a healthy lifestyle just to name a few.

2. You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind!

We can look at these terms, negative and positive, as two points on an energetic spectrum. If negativity sits at the low end of this spectrum, it can be said that it holds a low frequency. A good way to understand that is to think of a battery-operated radio. As you turn the dial to get to your favorite station, it moves through channels that don't come in so clearly. You might hear static, faint or muffled sounds, and it would be difficult to hear the music. The frequency may be so low due to the long distance from which your station is being transmitted. This may seem like old fashioned terminology when it comes to radios these days, but it gives a description of what negative energy is like: faint, distant, and muffled. When we are residing at a low frequency, or surrounded by negative energy, you can feel disconnected, disoriented, confused, ungrounded, and other ill sensations.

You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind - The Power of Gratitude

2.1 Exhale negativity

There can even be feelings of heaviness, especially with an emotion like depression. One can literally feel heavy; unable to move or think clearly. There is a sense of darkness, lack of energy, and no motivation. When you have felt down, sad, or depressed, you may have experienced these physical and mental effects. That's what negative energy can do to you. Even when the source is from the outside, like devastating news, it makes an imprint on you.

2.2 Inhale positivity

Positive energy, on the other hand, is clear, coherent, and resounding. It carries a lightness and ease that flows through your psyche. It has a fulfilling feeling, unlike the weightiness of depression, but an abundance that is energizing and positive. Have you ever had any experience like this? Consider engaging in an activity that you love so much. Maybe it's a yoga class that moved you in a way that left you feeling so good inside and out. You continue to return to the yoga class and each time you feel better and better. You experience this ever-growing sense of positivity inside you that it even becomes overwhelming. You feel so full of this good feeling that you find a need and desire to share it with others. You tell your friends and family about your positive experience with yoga. You share with them how good it has made you feel. Not only will your words convince them to try yoga, but your positive attitude around your personal experience will be the motivator that convinces them to attend a class with you.

Inhale positivity - The Power of Gratitude

You can create positive situations like this for yourself and you can also seek experiences like this out in your community. Even though there is so much bad news and negativity out there, it is important to find the good in things; to find those small nuggets of grace that is inherent in all things.

3. Why is gratitude for nature important?

Take a closer look at what surrounds you; the trees, the flowers, the sky. These are things of natural beauty. It is very easy to disregard it. If you took a moment, though, to really connect with nature, you begin to feel gratitude for it. Imbedded in these natural surroundings is love, appreciation, and happiness. These are emotions that run at a higher frequency. Unlike the radios waves, positive energy evokes clarity, groundedness, and peace. Having this type of energy around you can only create a positive charge that invigorates healing, cleansing, and loving. It's this kind of energy that motivates you to share it with others. It is inherently good, and everyone wants to have this type of feeling.

3.1 How to connect with nature?

Our existence as humans has proven for years, the roots of our connection with nature. This relationship with our Mother Earth has nourished our senses and souls with a coordination without which it is hard to survive and find a direction. Hence, it is important to align your practice with nature by connecting to your body and nature at once.

3.1.1 Outdoor Meditation

Outdoor Meditation - The Power of Gratitude

Meditating in nature is easier, for the tranquility and serenity that comes to our mind amidst sounds of nature awaken us effortlessly. Ever wondered why we are surrounded by so many music tracks of natural sounds like flowing water or forest trails for meditation? When we meditate in nature, we set ourselves in the pace of it and learn how hardships can be beautiful too. Maji Sports has a wide variety of Zafus & Bolsters to support your long sessions of meditation just anywhere. Any meditation that needs us sitting upright needs a bolster and you can challenge your stability and coordination outside with one of the most comfortable Yoga bolsters available online. To explore various shapes, prints and colors.

3.1.2 Outdoor Yoga

Taking your yoga practice outside is about exploring our connection with nature and breathing in fresh air all at once! We tend to confine our yoga practice to the four walls of a yoga studio yet studies have repeatedly shown that being outside has many benefits to our health.

3.1.3 Need a portable yoga mat to work on your postures outside?

With Anti-microbial properties, Maji Sports has a long range of Yoga mats that are reversible, eco-friendly highly slip-resistant. Easy to carry and lightweight, these portable mats are a perfect match for your practice outdoors so you don’t get distracted and confine into nature’s positivity. Click on the link to find Yoga mats in the best prices available only at Maji Sports.

4. Gratitude is a High Vibration

Happiness, love, appreciation, and gratitude resonate on a higher vibration. We are inherently attracted to a lighter energy source that resides in each individual. It may be hidden sometimes, but everyone has that light part of them. It takes some nurturing to help reveal and uncover that dark veil. When you live life in a more positive way, people are more likely to be attracted to you as well.

Gratitude is a High Vibration - The Power of Gratitude

When you're able to see the good in all things, and mostly in yourself, a sense of clarity develops. You witness your authenticity shine. A true sense of purpose generates; you begin to see and live your dharma - your purpose in life.
Obstacles, challenges, and barriers that seem to hold you back from your dreams begin to dissipate and crumble. With a more positive perspective on things, your path is made clear. You'll feel more optimistic; you'll discover answers to the perceived problems.

5. See The Positive in All Things and All People - Including Yourself

See beauty in nature. Just stepping outside and appreciating what is around you can start that journey toward having a positive outlook on life and yourself.

See The Positive in All Things and All People - Including Yourself - The Power of Gratitude

Look in the mirror and claim your beauty. Express it to yourself. Use positive affirmations to brighten your day and your perception of yourself. For example, rather than targeting the flaws when you gaze at yourself in the mirror, find the positive aspects: your eyes, your smile, your hair. Find the things about yourself that bring you joy: your kindness, your laughter, your generosity. As you continue this routine, it eventually becomes a daily habit. Each day it becomes easier to see your inner and outer beauty. Inevitably, this changes your attitude.
When you change the way your think, you'll have a much better outlook on yourself and the world around you. Start to notice how you think. If they tend to be negative, quickly change them. Say to yourself, "Wait, that is not true." Then think something positive about yourself. Have gratitude for your health, your inner strength, your intelligence, etc. Highlight those truths about yourself. If you treat yourself with goodness, kindness, love, and appreciate, it becomes an outward expression. You'll start to see and treat other people and all other things with that same level of kindness and appreciation.
So, begin this process of seeing and appreciating the positive high vibration in the things and people you encounter. But most importantly, discover these things in yourself first. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Be thankful for your gifts and talents. Appreciate who and what you are. When you experience this bright truth within you, your whole outlook of the world shifts and your deserved space in it.

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