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Travelling and Yoga runs parallel.

Planning a vacation can be a very exciting time. It's the anticipation of stepping out of your regular routine and visiting a new location or returning to a place that brings you joy, helps to ease your mind, and recharges your batteries. But maybe this year, you want to do something a little different. Why not combine an activity that you enjoy doing at home with a delightful vacation away from home? We're talking about attending a yoga retreat. Here are a few reasons why you should consider attending a yoga retreat once or twice a year.

1. Take a break from life! 

Your days and weeks can be kept quite full with all your regular duties and obligations: getting the kids to school, going to work, attending meetings, taking care of a household, and more. You know very well that it would be a good idea to take a break. Sometimes it is necessary to remove yourself from your current environment, immerse yourself into a new and different place without all the outside stimulation. It's a healthy escape; setting aside time from all the work you do and to enjoy something that truly brings you happiness.

Take a break from life! -

1.1 Open your mind

Open your mind -

Going on a yoga retreat can do just that; it allows you to open your mind - to release yourself from the thoughts that keep you tied to the repetitive nature of things. When you travel to a different location for a yoga retreat, your mind can shift to another task. It creates space for you to do intentional work - to work on yourself.

1.2 Replenish your Fitness routine

Replenish your Fitness routine -

While you're at home, you have every intention to do better at getting more exercise, working on de-stressing, but the more you get wrapped up in your routines, the harder it is to do those self-care tasks.

1.3 Learn something new!

Think of taking a yoga vacation as an opportunity to take care of yourself in a holistic way. Because you will have no other distractions to hold you back (i.e. work, family) you can dive into multiple aspects of your self-care needs. Let's say that you want to clear your mind, to strengthen your body, to heighten your awareness, learn how to meditate, or enhance your yoga practice. Whatever your personal intention is, you can find a yoga retreat that suits your needs. Yoga retreats often have themes attributed to them so you can find the perfect type of retreat for you.

2. Healthy & traditional food planned for you

Healthy & traditional food planned for you -

Typically, on a yoga retreat, you don't have to worry about cooking, washing the dishes, doing the laundry. All of those things are taken care of for you. And because you don't have to worry about cooking, you also do not need to be concerned about whether or not the meals you are eating are healthy and good for you. At a yoga retreat, meals are often fresh, great tasting, and nutritious. Depending on the region of the world in which you're traveling, you'll get to experience native foods, specialty cuisines, and perhaps foods you've never tried before.

3. An imbedded routine for Yoga & Fitness

An imbedded routine for Yoga & Fitness -

At home, it can be a challenge finding time to get to your favorite yoga class. You may miss days due to a busy schedule or other unforeseen distractions. At a yoga retreat, the yoga practices are built into the schedule. Most likely, you'll have daily group practices; maybe twice a day. This may involve some moving practices that coincide with meditative practices.

4. Why we all need to explore ourselves?

Why we all need to explore ourselves -

Time is also set aside for personal introspection. It allows you to do additional self-care work: journaling, quiet time, and even more rest. Back home, you are probably constantly on the go. You are rarely able to take that long nap in the middle of the afternoon that you desperately need to help you get through the rest of your busy day. A yoga retreat is designed to do that. It offers you the luxury of well deserved rest.

5. How travelling & Yoga runs parallel together?

A yoga retreat may just be a weekend get away to a cabin in the mountains in your home state. Other retreats may last one week or longer in places outside of your state our country. Whether you stay in the states or travel abroad, consider it a vacation: a yoga vacation. Not only will there be yoga as the foundation of the trip, but you'll get to explore the area in which you're traveling. You'll get a taste of the culture, a new environment. It can be an education about an entirely different region of the world. Learn how another culture manages similar life circumstances. You may learn a trick or two that can help you with your own  situation. You may come across a new technique to deal with stress, for example, that resonates with you and that you want to incorporate into your own self-care practices like meditation.

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6. Is one yoga retreat enough?

Yoga retreat -

Due to personal finances and other life circumstances, one retreat a year may be just right for you. If possible, a second retreat will keep you dialed into taking care of yourself more consistently rather than sporadically. Perhaps a week-long voyage abroad is your main retreat, but maybe you can find a nice weekend retreat that suits your needs. There's even one-day retreats and workshops that you can integrate into your schedule.

7. Find your own kind of retreat!

Perhaps you want a retreat that focuses entirely on the yoga practice. You can find yoga centers that are situated in beautiful settings: a remote country-side, for example. Rather than taking time to sightsee, the time is devoted to longer yoga practices and meditation. These can be very healing. A yoga retreat like this may also help you improve your practice. You'll gain a greater appreciation for how it makes you feel inside and out. It will encourage you to be more consistent with your practice when you return home.

Overall, investing in a yoga retreat or yoga vacation is an investment in yourself. It is important to keep yourself a priority. It's essential to keep yourself healthy and balanced so that you can continue taking care of you and your other obligations.

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