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A common question among practicing yogis is how to clear negative energy. When practicing yoga, you begin to experience a new sense of self, a better and fuller awareness of your being, and enjoy the positive physical results from the asana practice. In keeping with your positive progression, you want to continue clearing negative energy from your body and from the areas around you.
To help you out, here are six simple ways to clear negative energy from yourself and your home.

1. Deep Breathing Exercise:

Deep Breathing Exercise

When you feel pent up with negative thoughts or energy in your body, a good way to clear energy is to take long deep breaths. If you can, sit still and quiet in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take a slow, long, deep breath in to fill up your lungs. As you inhale, bring to mind one negative thought. Release the breath slowly through your mouth. Imagine that you're breathing out that negative thought. Repeat this a few times until you feel a sense of ease and peace in your mind. You can repeat this simple breathing exercise with each negative thought you want to clear.

2. Write Down Your Negative Thoughts / Burn Them with a Candle:

Negative Thoughts / Burn Them with a Candle

Unfortunately, many negative thoughts can run through your mind all at the same time. It can be quite overwhelming and a challenge to manage. A simple way to take care of this situation is to write down your negative thoughts on a piece of paper. It can just be a list; as thoughts arise, like negative self-talk, for example, write these words down on your list. By writing them down, you are energetically removing them from your mind and body. To eliminate them completely, burn the note with a lit candle. (Be sure to have a safe way to put out the fire when you're done.) Again, this process will clear your mind, body, and the space around you from the negative energy that once overwhelmed you.

3. Meditation & Chanting:

Meditation & Chanting
This can be a wonderful practice to clear energy, not only from your body, but also from your home. When you meditate, you can focus on a mantra or a positive phrase that resonates in your mind. Your mantra may be as simple as "peace and love", "I change my thoughts, I change my world" or even just one word "gratitude". If you chant your mantra out loud, not only will the positive energy resonate within you, but also in the space around you. These phrases could be ones that you create, or they can come from ancient yoga scripts, or even just sounds like humming or vowel sounds.
“Never hold on to anything that's capable of holding back your destiny.”
― Edmond Mbiaka

4. Sage Your Home:

Sage Your Home

Burning sage in your home can be a wonderful and simple way to clear negative energy. Also known as smudging, this practice has its roots in Native American culture and traditions. The intention is to cleanse a person or space of any negative energies. The best sage to use for smudging is White Sage. It comes neatly wrapped in small bundles. When you are ready to smudge, light one end of the sage stick until it catches. Blow out the flame and allow the sage stick to smolder. The smoke from the sage stick is then waved around the intended space to clear the room. It's also appropriate to sage yourself. Further, you can smudge not only one room, but your entire home so that positive energy can permeate your living space. Feel free to say an internal prayer, mantra, or intention to help clear negative energy from your home.

5. Spray Essential Oils / Salt Water:

Spray Essential Oils / Salt Water

Another remedy for energy clearing in your home is to spray salt water infused with essential oil in the desired space. Just find a clean spray bottle, fill it with distilled water and some sea salt. Shake the bottle until it is fully mixed. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or fragrance (like lavender or eucalyptus). With your mindful intention or mantra, spray your solution in a room or on particular objects in your home to help remove negative energy.

6. Carry Crystals:

Carry Crystals

One last way to protect you and your home from negative energy is to be in possession of certain crystals. One powerful crystal that helps cleanse negative energy is called Black Tourmaline. It is said to repel negative energy and provide protection to the carrier. Simply carry your crystal with you or place in a central location in your home so that it can do its work. To keep the energy of your crystal working effectively, it is best to "charge" your stone in the sunlight or in the moonlight. The natural sources of these lights give energy to your crystals.
When you are in need of clearing negative energy, these six simple methods can be used effectively to allow for positive forces to surround you and your space.

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