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The Best Yoga Essentials for Beginners

Are you new to yoga? Not sure exactly what you need to take with you to a yoga class? As a new yoga student, these are probably some of the questions you've asked yourself. Let's dive a little deeper and examine some of the best yoga essentials for beginners. This article will highlight some of the yoga products you will need to begin your yoga journey.

Yoga Mats

First and foremost, you need a good, high quality yoga mat when you practice yoga. You'll want something that can withstand a Power Vinyasa Yoga Class, hold up to a sweaty Hot Yoga Class, and even sustain itself while in a Restorative Yoga Class. So which type of yoga mat should you select?

Yoga Mats

If you're looking for something sustainable and eco-friendly, a wise choice would be a Premium ECO Yoga Mat from Maji Sports. They are made from a natural fiber called jute which is a vegetable plant and is a reliably sustainable resource. In it's natural form, this plant cleans the air by consuming carbon dioxide, the leaves condition the soil, and is an excellent selection when you want to use a product that is safer for the environment. When used to construct a yoga mat, it is safe and non-toxic. They have a superior non-slip surface, they are anti-microbial making them easy to clean and not hold odors, and are perfect for any style of yoga.

Another wonderful yoga mat to use, especially if you tend to sweat during your yoga practice, is the Cork Yoga Mat. These are truly an eco-friendly product that are completely natural, biodegradable, and safe for the environment. They have become quite popular among yogis because of their non-slip quality, durability, and anti-microbial surface.

Yoga MatsYoga Mats

On the road a lot? You certainly don't want to miss out on your yoga practice. And having your own mat is always a bonus. Maji Sports has an array of beautifully printed mats that are made from a microfiber suede that you'll truly enjoy. The suede finish on these mats provide a very soft feel and allows for moisture absorption. It is lightweight, thin texture so makes for a great travel yoga mat. Another great feature of this stylish yoga mat is that it is reversible. You can use one side for your yoga practice and the other side for other floor exercises.

Yoga Towel

Now that you have the number one essential for your yoga practice, what else could you use to make your yoga practice more meaningful? Another great yoga product to have is the yoga towel. Sometimes the yoga mats that you rent at a studio are a little too slippery. Place your No-Skid Sandwash Yoga Towel from Maji Sports on your rental and you'll no longer have to worry about the slipping distraction. These quick-drying products are very soft with a slip resistant surface. They come in all different colors to suit your taste and style. Toss them in the washer for a quick wash between yoga classes. They dry quickly - faster than cotton.

Yoga Towel

Yoga Blocks

Another great yoga prop to have with you in class is a yoga block. Sometimes it's a challenge to reach the floor with your hands when you do a Standing Forward Fold. Or you need to bring the floor closer to you when you attempt a challenging balancing yoga posture like Half Moon Pose.Yoga Blocks

A yoga block is the perfect remedy. Maji Sports has just the tool for your practice. Choose from a cork yoga block or a bamboo yoga block. The cork block is eco-friendly like Maji Sports' other products. It's lightweight with a soft texture that is ideal for your yoga practice. Need something a little more sturdy? Try the bamboo yoga block. It's made from 100% bamboo, has smooth rounded edges, light-weight, and of course, it's environmentally safe.

Meditation Pillow

And let's not forget your meditative practices where sitting is required. You can certainly sit on a soft yoga mat, but a Zafu Meditation Pillow is what you really need for full comfort as you meditate. These beautifully constructed pillows come in many shapes and sizes to suit your meditative needs. The classic Mod Zafu from Maji Sports provides comfort in your hips and back as you sit for your meditation class. They are made with a 100% cotton twill cover for needed breathability and absorbency.

Meditation Pillow

So, as you're preparing for your yoga class, these yoga products are the essential tools you need to help provide you full comfort, ease, and satisfaction for any style of yoga you may practice.

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