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4 Important Tips to choosing the right gear for your workout routine…

workout Routine


What clothes you’re wearing during your workout and what accessories you’re carrying for your workout routine can be the two most important factors that affect the quality of your exercise and the after-effects of it. With new fashion trends on the rise every season, it can be very confusing and difficult to focus on the priorities like health, comfort, wellness and fit.


wellness and fit
Not to worry, we at Maji Sports have listed out 4 most important tips on choosing the right gear for your workout routine.
1.Comfortable & Breathable Fabric
There is no doubt in the fact that your workout clothing gear needs comfortable and breathable fabric so your skin can breathe easily. 100% Cotton fabrics are highly absorbent and can make the sweat stick your body as they don’t dry too quick and to avoid that, you need fabrics that are quick dry like Polyester, Spandex or Lycra.


Comfortable & Breathable


Some fabrics can cause irritations in skin as a result of rubbing during exercises and can distract you from the focus you need for a Good Workout Routine. Go for smooth and seamless outfits while trending your way out into the exercise industry.


Chest Muscles


For women, a Sports Bra is a must as they’re designed to keep your breasts compact and prevents strain and injuries to your chest muscles.

2. Durability

Exercising is vigorous work which means a lot of rubbing, friction and movement takes place during a workout. Whether it’s your Fitness Clothes, Accessories or Workout Equipment, regular exercise requires durability in all of these products or you’ll be buying and spending a lot on your fitness gear.




Look for long-lasting performance clothing and equipment. The correct gear is definitely going to be durable and will make you feel a lot better while exercising.


3. Body form fit for flexible range of motion

Body form fit fear for flexible range of motion is very important so that you are able to move to the full range of motion and comfortably when you exercise. You cannot go to gym and run on a treadmill on a pair of denims, right? Range of motion is as important as breathability when it comes to the right workout clothing gear. The wrong gear will hold your muscles back while you move and will also give you post-workout muscle stress.


Flexible range of motion

For good performance, it is advised to wear body-form fit clothes (although not too tight that you can’t breathe) as they will move with your body and keep your range of motion flexible. Slightly loose clothes are also a good option if you’re not comfortable with form-fitting clothes.

4. Accessorize carefully


Bluetooth headphone


Yes, you definitely need to accessorize carefully to experience the most effective workout. If you love to listen to music while working out, a Bluetooth headphone and a smartphone are two great accessories for a hassle-free and hands-free upbeat workout. You can also use a lot of heart-monitoring accessories or even your smartphone to track the intensity of the workout or calculate the amount of calories burned to stay aware of your progress.


stainless steel water bottle


Also, a good stainless steel water bottle that is handy and easy-to-use is one more accessory that you will require in the gym to stay hydrated.









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