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How to create your own gym at home?

Home Gym

Everyone is aware of the many benefits of exercising to our mind, body and soul. But are we all actually going to a gym or a yoga studio on a regular basis? Not really. We can understand why. For some, it can be intimidating and too much pressure to work out in a public space and for some it can simply be difficult making the time to go to a Gym in your very busy schedule.

exercise at home

Many of us are scared to enter a tight space like Gym or yoga studio with Covid-19 still on the rise and prefer to exercise at home without worrying about getting sick.

home gym essentials

But when it comes to convenience, a home workout with your own home gym essentials is the best, especially if you have an extra room or free moving space in your garage or a garden. So which workout products to choose is one thing you should know and it can be very confusing especially if you are on a tight budget.

We have curated a list of 7 most important and easy-to-get Home gym equipment for building your own gym at home, all under a $100!

1. Exercise Mat

The first step to working out anywhere is to have a good cushioned and anti-skid exercise mat. It makes floor exercises way more comfortable and help stabilize your movement whether you’re doing push-ups or working on your legs. You can always enjoy a non-sweaty work out with added traction and soft texture using an exercise mat.

 Maji Sports Yoga & Exercise mats

Try out Maji Sports Yoga & Exercise mats with non-sticky and slip-resistant surface and comes in reversible textures and various trendy colors. Maji Sports exercise mats are also eco-friendly, anti-microbial and safe to use.

2. Pull-up Bar

Strengthen your back, arm and shoulder muscles by installing a Pull-up Bar in your room or keeping a portable pull-up bar in your home that can be used anywhere from your bedroom to garden. Use of Pull-up Bars have been shown to improve grip strength and overall body strength. Hence, if there’s one thing you should spend on for a Home Gym, it’s a Pull-up Bar.

Pull-up Bar with arm-straps

With the trend of Home Gyms on the rise, there are various kinds of Pull-up Bars available in the current market with the ability to hang at door frames for door exercises. You can go for a Portable Pull-up Bar or Multi-Function Pull-up Bar with arm-straps, all available in different sizes as per your need. Try out Maji Sports Portable Multi-Function Pull-up Bar with Arm Straps on both sides, perfect for hanging ab exercises.

3. Ankle & Wrist weights

Ankle or wrist weights are beneficial to any workout as they add extra weight on your body and muscles and increases the overall strength of your body. It is easier to burn calories using weights as they tend to increase your heartrate, makes your muscles work harder and boosts your oxygen consumption while working out.

Ankle & Wrist weights

While the versatility of weights adds to the many benefits of this particular workout buddy, using weights can also be harmful if used improperly, cause injury or joint stress if not used moderately, so it is advised to be careful when using weights in your workout routine.

Maji Sports Ankle & Wrist Weights

Try out Maji Sports Ankle & Wrist Weights made of Lycra and Iron Sand, available in two sizes in sets of two for increasing resistance in body-weight exercises.

4. Dumbbells

According to the American Council on Exercise(ACE), Dumbbells can activate multiple muscle groups, stimulate muscle growth and manages strength imbalances. They are much safer to use especially when you’re working out alone in your house.

Maji Sports Pair of Dumbbells,

Try out Maji Sports Pair of Dumbbells, available in 4 different weights (1 kg to 4 kg) and trendy colors, light-weight and easy to carry. These Dumbbells are great for joint-isolation exercises such as bicep curls, chest flyes or shoulder raises and are available in the best prices online. Dumbbells are also great for multi-planar movements and cardiorespiratory fitness.

5. Battle Rope

If you are looking for some motivation in your home workout routine and are eager to introduce a little fun to it, Battle Rope is the perfect tool for you. Battle Ropes when used in exercising, can blast fat as it is an intensive calorie burner tool, sculpt muscles and increase mobility. This perfect home workout rope also helps develop cardiorespiratory health.

Maji Sports Battle Rope

Maji Sports Battle Rope is the best available Battle Rope online with high durability, low risk of injury and perfect choice to bring fun to your workout.

Maji Sports Battle Rope

6. Kettlebells

If you’re looking to build muscle strength rather than muscle bulk, Kettlebells are a great physical and mental workout at home as they are great for shaping a lean, toned and firm physique and are pretty easy to carry and store as they don’t take up too much space. If there is one product that can prime your entire body in terms of strength, flexibility and endurance, it’s a Kettlebell.

Maji Sports Kettlebells

Kettlebells are available in different weights and are also used to increase your core strength and stability without any risk of injury. Try out Maji Sports Kettlebells available in four different weights; 4 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg & 10 kg.

7. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are perfect for a range of workouts, from glute, hip activation and strength techniques to warming up your entire body while performing a dynamic warm up. Loop resistance bands are ideal for assisting in CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Hot Yoga, and other workouts.

Anyone looking to increase mobility or muscle stamina and strength can use resistance bands as they are adaptable for at home workouts for anyone looking for an injury prevention or injury rehabilitation tool as they strengthen & tone legs, hips, gluts & more.

Maji Sports Resistance Bands

Try out Maji Sports Resistance Bands that are easy to carry and easy to use anywhere from your home to office or the gym/studio. These bands are highly durable and light-weight which makes them the best recovery option for you post workout. Made of 100% TPR, these bands are available in beautiful and vibrant solid colors.



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