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majisports gym routine


Are you looking forward to starting a gym routine but never stepped foot in one before? Not knowing what to do in your first day at the gym can be a bummer to even start working out. Being nervous about using the machines or missing out on one of the important gears is completely normal but as they say, “The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do”, exercise is the best thing that will happen to you.


maji sports gym routine 2


From how to pack your gym bag to beginner exercise routines, we have the 7 most important beginner essentials for starting a gym routine so you have everything you need for your first day to work, sweat and achieve.

1. What to pack in your Gym bag?

To achieve the best results in the Gym, it is important you have all the essentials you are going to need packed and ready to go. Here are some of the workout essentials to pack in your gym bag.


maji sports gym bag


1.1 Workout clothes

It is very important to always have a fresh set of workout clothes in your bag and change your gear after the workout. You remain fresh that way and have the proper attire for your workout goals.


maji sports workout clothes


1.2 Water bottle

Keeping your own reusable water bottle handy at the gym; it will help you stay hydrated.

1.3 Quick-dry Hand Towel

Not always do you get a good quality hand towel at the gym and if you do, some places can charge a lot for them. So keeping a microfiber quick dry hand towel close is the perfect way to remain fresh and clean.


maji sports workout dry towel


Try Maji Sports Premium Absorption Microfiber Hand Towel for those extra sweaty workouts.

1.4 Shower essentials

Some of us will want to take a post-workout shower to stay clean and fresh. Keeping a small bag packed of all the shower essentials from shampoo to body wash is a good idea for a quick shower.


maji sports shower essentials

1.5 Headphones

Good music is always motivating when you hit the machines so keeping your favourite headphones in your gym bag is always a good option.


maji sports workouts with headphones


1.6 Snack

The best way to recover after your workout is to have a post workout snack, rich in protein. You can pack a protein bar or dry fruits in your bag to help speed the recovery of the body.


maji sports gym routine with healthy snacks


2. Consult with your Healthcare provider before starting your gym fitness routine.


maji sports consultation with healthcare


Checking your health and medical condition with your healthcare provider is an important first step before you hit the gym. Disclosing all basic and major medical conditions to your trainer will help you stay free of injuries and will give you the best results. If there are any present heart conditions, any major surgeries you had or a recent injury, you need to keep your trainer well-informed so they can curate a routine that suits you the best.

3. What’s the best time to go to the gym?

Some people say “mornings” are the best time to work out or exercise and though working out in the morning does have a lot of benefits, it is not entirely necessary to hit the gym in the morning. You should always listen to your body and your daily routine and decide accordingly without putting too much pressure on yourself.


maji sports best time to go to gym


If you are not a morning person, don’t beat yourself too much and just hit the gym on the way back home during evening or night, whatever works best for you.

4. Special tips for beginners

There are a few things you need to know before you hit the gym to get the best of the experience.

4.1 A good balanced diet is extremely important to support your fitness goals.

Carbohydrates help you energize and charge your muscles before exercise and help recover your muscles. Protein helps with muscle recovery and builds muscle mass. Healthy fats will keep your energy stored and help burn body fat. Consuming a balanced diet full of nutrition supports your workout routine.


maji sports balanced diet


4.2 Keep yourself hydrated. 

Maintaining your hydration levels during your workout is essential for recovery and consistency. You can keep energy drinks handy for a long lasting workout.

4.3 Warming up is important.


maji sports warming up routine


Starting your workout with stretching or aerobic exercises like leg kicks will help to warm up your body warm and get it ready for your workout routine. It is believed that warming up before your workout will help prevent injuries and muscle soreness post workout.

5. Important gym etiquette's

5.1 Don’t drop weights on the floor as it can damage the weight, cause injury to yourself or someone else and distract others in the area. You should slowly lower the weights into the ground after you are done.

5.2 Always put dumbbells and weights back to their proper place after you have finished your set as it keeps the place organised and hassle-free.


maji sports workouts with dumbbells


5.3 It is good to ask for help while lifting weights but make sure you don’t pull someone out halfway through their exercise set. There are trainers who are there to help give you a spot. 

6. How to keep yourself motivated?

Keeping yourself motivated enough to attend the gym regularly and work on your goals is not as difficult as it may seem. The key to doing it is having fun while you exercise and not make it seem like punishment or a job. The real workout starts when you want to stop and focusing on extending your goals everyday will help with the motivation.


maji sports workout self motivation


Make it a point to take some classes as they can be very motivating and help with keeping you accountable. Make it a point to get to know the instructor as they will be more willing to help you during the class and keep you accountable with attendance. 

You can hit the gym with your friend or in a group, hire a personal trainer or track your progress on an Apple Watch to stay motivated.


maji sports motivation of workouts


7. Sample beginner workout routine:

7.1 Beginner workout for females:

Seated leg press (10 reps x 3 sets)
Seated shoulder press (10 reps x 3 sets)
Close grip lat pulldown (10 reps x 3 sets)
Body weight lunges (10 reps x 3 sets)​
Full/kneeling press ups (10 reps x 3 sets)
Plank (30 secs x 3)
Leg raises (10 reps x 3 sets)


Stationary bike cardio for 30 minutes or
Walk on the treadmill at 2-3 miles per hour for 15-30 minutes


maji sports treadmill workouts


7.2 Beginner workout for males:

Seated chest press (10 reps x 4 sets)
Seated rows (10 reps x 4 sets)
Wide grip lat pull-down (10 reps x 4 sets)
Seated leg press (10 reps x 4 sets)
​Dumbbell seated shoulder press (10 reps x 4 sets) 
Dumbbell bicep curls (10 reps x 4 sets)
Close grip triceps press ups (10 reps x 4 sets)
Cable rotations/twists (10 reps x 4 sets)
Reverse crunches (10 reps x 4 sets)




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