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Meditation is an ancient practice. First applied in prehistoric times and later documented in 1500 BC in India, this practice was seen as a way to "train the mind." One would direct the mind away from distracting thoughts to a clear path toward Enlightenment. The Hindu and Vedic priests of these early times used these teachings as a way to practice mental quieting and physical stillness. It is in these moments of quiet that one's mind, ears, and eyes truly open to receive the truths about life and its purpose. The questions about the life journey are revealed to the individual who trains the mind for quiet and stillness. Students of meditation dedicate their lives to this practice; they are truly devoted to its intentions.
To find balance during this time of COVID-19, it is important for people to embrace moments of stillness and quiet to successfully make it through each day.
There is so much noise and distractions surrounding us these days. In the midst of a global pandemic, we are inundated with a tremendous amount of external stimuli. Daily news briefings about quarantines, kids scurrying around the house trying to stay entertained. Internal noise is also a nuisance: worrisome thoughts about the economy, stressed about embarking into town while maintaining social distance, sad about the overwhelming loss around the world. 
The constant din is like a crashing cymbal in your mind; it is powerful and overwhelming. Is there any relief in the midst of the discord? Is it possible to experience a quieting of the noise? A resource that is widely available and crucial in this moment is the practice of meditation.


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