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Our yoga bolsters are loved by yogis around the world who teach restorative yoga, which is a great way to help heal back pain by helping improve your muscles flexibility and strength. This is one of the favourite yoga props for those looking to stay nimble and help alleviate unnecessary stresses and discomfort to their temples.
Grab a meditation bolster now at Maji Sports to support your body in long held poses or long meditation sessions to create relaxation. Challenge your stability and coordination by using one of the most comfortable Yoga bolsters at Maji Sports!
Zafus/bolster is a body pillow used majorly for Iyengar, Prenatal or Restorative Yoga styles. It is also used for Kundalini Yoga Meditation or any meditation that needs us sitting upright.
100% cotton twill cover of the Meditation Zafus/Bolsters offer breathability and absorbency and they are completely free of allergens, synthetics and chemicals, hence, are extremely easy to care for. These bolsters are also available in trendy prints and colors.


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At Maji Sports, we create good quality, yoga, fitness, meditation and rehabilitation products that are well designed and eco-friendly.

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