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One who maintains cleanliness, keeps away diseases…

One who maintains cleanliness, keeps away disease - Time To Clean - majisports

You may find that you have more time on your hands these days. Since you're spending more time at home during the mandated Shelter at Home initiatives, you may be looking for things to do. You may feel bored and restless as each day seems to drag on. Everyday has the same routine and it is getting tiresome for you. You would like to experience a change of pace, but you want to do something that is useful and productive. This may be a good opportunity to take inventory of your surroundings. Whether you're in an apartment or home, you may have plenty of things stored away in closets and drawers that haven't seen the light of day in quite some time. It is time to clean house.
With the responsibilities of work, school, and family, you could never find the right time to do the much needed "spring cleaning". Well, since we have entered the season of spring, this may be a good time to commit to a deep household cleanse.

1. What's the Benefit of De-Cluttering?

Benefit of De-Cluttering - Time To Clean - majisports
Not only will the house feel decluttered and less crowded, but It will feel fresh and new, spacious and open. You will have gotten rid of the things that tend to hold you in the past. You may not realize this, but holding onto old pictures and trinkets can stir up old memories. Some of these memories will be pleasant, others will not. Too many things in the house that hold unpleasant thoughts can stifle the personal life trajectory. The not-so-pleasant-memories can hold negative, heavy energy. It is time to clear that energy so you can move forward. It can start with re-organizing and removing the actual items in your home.

2. How to Start the process?

First of all, take a deep breath. Decluttering parts of your home is a very daunting task. It is easy to walk away from something when it feels too overwhelming. Realize, too, that this may take some time. Be patient, especially if you are committing to cleaning up the entire house. But feel free to start small; choose one room, like your bedroom. Turning a large chore into smaller, doable tasks makes the process more accessible. You want to experience a success at the end of it all.

3. What’s in your Personal Space: The Bedroom?

This is a good place to start because it is probably where you keep most of your personal belongings and it is where you sleep. You want this space to be inviting and comfortable every time you enter it. Having a decluttered bedroom will help you sleep better at night, too.
The idea with cleaning a household space is to remove the items that no longer serve you. That is, you'll make a decision on whether or not your clothing, books, or knick-knacks have a function in your life. More importantly, do these things make you happy or do they possess an unpleasant energy that feels dark and heavy. A very good resource to undertake this activity is Marie Kondo's idea on tidying up. The KonMari philosophy basically states that having a decluttered space brings joy into your life. You can find her tips on YouTube and her program on Netflix.
Clean your Personal Space - The Bedroom - Time To Clean - majisports

It begins with taking all of your clothes out of the closet and drawers. Take down all the books and miscellaneous items from your shelves. Sort through your electronics; some may be broken, out of date, or unused. As you go through each piece, you will decide whether or not these items serve a function in your life; do they make you happy.
Create three piles: what you will keep, what you will throw away, what you will donate. Use plastic bins and trash bags to help organize your piles. The items you keep can be organized back into your closet, drawers, and shelves. Once everything is back in its place and the clutter has been removed, notice how you feel in your restored bedroom. You will feel more relaxed and at ease. You will have a good night’s rest. A sense of lightness is achieved after eliminating the heaviness that has been burdening your personal space.

4. Every Room: One at a Time

Do Clean Every Room - One at a Time - Time To Clean - majisports
Other rooms can be treated the same way; do one at a time. Work on your living space, your kitchen, guest rooms, and even the yard and garage. Take small steps to achieve the larger goal. As you complete each room, you can check that off your "to-do" list. It is important to celebrate your accomplishments, too. Celebrate a task well done. You deserve to rejoice in the satisfaction of overcoming such a tall hurdle.

5. Ask for Help, ask for advice!

Ask for Help, ask for advice! - Time To Clean - majisports 

Only you can determine whether or not a piece of clothing or glass vase brings you joy, but it is ok to ask for help in this endeavor. Ask a friend, neighbor, or family member to help you remove things from their current quarters. Ask them to help you bag up the items that need to be tossed into the trash. Ask them to drive a bin of sensitively-used items to donation stores. Seeing you take on this task may even motivate them to do the same in their own households.

6. Get The Family Involved

Get The Family Involved - Time To Clean - majisports
If you're in a house with your family or roommates, make this a project everyone can do. Encourage each other to make your entire living quarters more functional, livable, and a joy to be in. Notice how you feel after undertaking such a daunting task. You will feel accomplished, excited, and motivated. You'll feel re-energized, invigorated, and happy, too.


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