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In the summer of 2008, we started taking yoga classes at Bryan Ketst’s Power Yoga in Santa Monica, California. Bryan Ketst’s Power Yoga classes provide an excellent yoga experience in an awesome environment.  Power Yoga is done in a heated studio and provides demanding exercise, including aerobic conditioning, core strength, stretching and the all important breathing.  We tried many different instructors, but our favorite teachers are Bryan, Rudy and Anaswara. 

As we got better and better in our yoga practice, we started to experience pain from certain Yoga Poses, which involved putting significant pressures on knees and wrists.  The pain was not as a result of executing the Yoga Poses wrong, but as a result of the shortcomings of the modern yoga mat.  “No Pain No Gain” you say, well not when you are potentially injuring one of your most important and most complex joint, the Knee.  The knee is more likely to be injured than is any other joint in the body. We tend to ignore our knees until something happens to them that causes pain. As the saying goes, however, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" . But before the MajiMat™, prevention consisted of folding the edges of the yoga mat or sticking a towel under your knees, not ideal for the flow of your practice and injury prevention.  So we during practice one day we had our Aaha moment!  From that moment on we decided to redesign the traditional Yoga Mat and bring it into the 21st Century.

Why We Created the Revolutionary Patent Pending MajiMat™

The Mat:

The MajiMat™ is the most advanced yoga mat in the market today, featuring natural rubber with a unique three-dimensional pattern and soft texture that provides superior non-slip properties and featuring unique knee support and the Edge support system.  The MajiMat™ offers the space to perform all yoga poses with the benefit of durable impact protection where you need it most-without added bulk. Low-profile, structured foam cells in strategic impact zones help absorb, disperse and deflect impact and protect against abrasion.

Revolutionary Knee Support:

The MajiMat™ is the first mat to be introduced with the revolutionary knee protection and support system.  The knee support system is ergonomically designed to contour around the knees and provides superior support for bones and joints.  The knee support system is engineered from both firm and memory foam for durability and comfort. The top layer consists of a moister wicking fabric to keep the surface dry and provide maximum performance.

The Edge Support:

The Edge Support system provides extra support and cushion for bones and joints for ultimate versatility in the practice of yoga.  The Edge Support is ergonomically engineered from proprietary foam and covered with moister wicking fabric to keep the surface dry and provide maximum performance.  The Edge Support system is designed with strategically placed ridges to allow for the MajiMat™ to easily roll as a standard yoga mat.

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