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10 Key Points to Improving Your Immune System

Are you tired of falling sick too frequently?

Falling Sick - Improving Your Immune System - Majisports

Do you know the function of your immune system? This is a pretty robust system in your body, a healthy collection of immune cells that is designed to help defend you against micro-organisms that cause sickness and disease. These immune cells are constantly at work; they can help fight the common cold, but are also at work fighting cancerous tumors.

Generally, your immune system is actively working, but sometimes, an organism may intercede and make you sick. Have you ever thought about what maintains a healthy immune system?

Here are 10 key points that can help to improve your immune system.

1. Healthy Eating / Clean Eating

Although we do not know what specific foods are designed to help boost or improve your immune system, science does state that having a healthy source of quality protein can be essential.

Healthy Eating / Clean Eating - Improving Your Immune System - Majisports

1.1 Importance of Protein

Protein is an important nutrient that when broken down into amino acids, are the building blocks of a macro cellular system; even the immune cells that protect us from disease. The anti-bodies that we produce to fight away the flu, for example, are made from the proteins that we ingest.

1.2 Other foods for good immune system

Lean meats and seafood contain good sources of particular minerals that help in the production of white blood cells; these cells help fight certain infections when they invade your system.

2. Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins - Improving Your Immune System - Majisports

Foods enriched with particular vitamins also can elevate your immune system. Vitamins A, C, and E, in particular, are very good regulators of your immune system. You may take a daily multivitamin to get your source of vitamins, but also choose real foods to get your dose of these useful vitamins.

2.1 Foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, and dark leafy vegetables like kale and spinach, are enriched with Vitamin A. This specific vitamin helps white blood cells fight off those nasty infections.

2.2 Vegetables like bell peppers and broccoli, or citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit, contain Vitamin C. This well-known vitamin helps absorb the iron from these fruits and veggies to assist the immune system when it is fighting against invasive diseases.

2.3 Vitamin E can be found in nuts and seeds. Not only does this food source contain the mineral magnesium as an immune system supporter, but also Vitamin E that has been found to fight against flu and other respiratory infections.

So, be sure to eat a well-balanced diet to gain all the necessities for a well-tuned immune system.

3. Exercise

Your doctor has probably recommended getting plenty of exercise. Not only does a regular workout routine help manage your weight, but it also enhances your immune system. With moderate exercise like jogging, or even some weight lifting, gets those fighting white blood cells and antibodies moving through your system faster. This is good because as more of these fighter cells are produced in your system, they'll more quickly detect invasive disease. As a result, they can fight them off efficiently before they become a problem. Even taking a quick 20-30 minute walk everyday can be a sufficient amount of exercise to keep your immune system running effectively to fight away disease.

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Recovery products - Improving Your Immune System - Majisports

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4. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Reduce Alcohol Consumption - Improving Your Immune System - Majisports

A glass or two of wine at dinner can be a delightful addition to your dining experience. However, too much to drink can be a step in the opposite direction when working to improve your immune system. Excessive alcohol in your system can actually suppress the immunity function. A suppressed system, the slowing down of production and movement of antibodies and white blood cells in your system, leaves the body less resilient to sickness and disease.

5. Vitamin D

Vitamin D - Improving Your Immune System - Majisports 

Do you want to reduce the risk of catching seasonal colds and the flu? Try increasing your levels of vitamin D. Research has shown that vitamin D helps boost your immune system. Vitamin D can be found in some foods, but one may need to add a supplement to their diet to get sufficient levels of Vitamin D. A daily dose of 1200 IU is said to help stave away the flu. And of course, another natural source of this vitamin comes directly from the sun. So make sure you spend some time outdoors to soak in the rays of the sun.

6. Smoking

Smoking - Improving Your Immune System - Majisports

The tobacco smoke that invades our lungs is also a detriment to the immune system. Long-term effects of smoking can cause critical harm to our systems. It undermines the capability of the immune system to work efficiently and may even create a biological environment that unfortunately enhances illnesses like bronchitis or pneumonia.

7. Sleep Well

Your body also needs plenty of rest to have a fine running machine. If you are over-tired and not getting enough sleep, it causes havoc to the systems that are working hard to keep you healthy and strong. Without rest and sleep, the immune system functionality is reduced. Make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep nightly to maintain a healthy immune system. Incorporating massage sessions with recovery products like Maji Sports Trigger Point Massage Ball in your day promotes better sleep and reduces mental stress.

Trigger ball - Improving Your Immune System - Majisports

8. Regular Check-Ups

It is a good idea to see a doctor once or twice a year. That way, they can assess your overall health: blood pressure, the condition of your heart, the functioning of your hormonal systems through various blood tests, etc. You want to establish a baseline of health so that you can maintain it or even improve it. If you have high blood pressure, for example, you can take the necessary means toward bringing it back to balance.

9. Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands - Improving Your Immune System - Majisports

We can do things that can help those nasty germs from permeating our systems to make us sick. An easy one, of course, is to wash your hands regularly. A simple washing with warm water and soap can be a very effective way to keep germs and other micro-organisms from invading your body.

10. Practice Yoga

10.1 Positivity

Although there are no clear studies that suggest practicing yoga boosts your immune system, it is still a practice that makes you feel good inside and out. Just by engaging in an activity that is positive and brings you joy will help you make healthy decisions for yourself. You're more likely to eat well, drink less, get good rest, and take care of your mind and body.

10.2 Better connection with your body

Yoga Practise - Improving Your Immune System - Majisports

You'll be more in-tuned to the subtle parts of yourself; you'll be able to catch the early signs of a cold, for example, and perform the necessary remedies to reduce and eliminate the symptoms quickly.

10.3 Spiritual practice

And as you may already know, yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice. If you take the time to immerse yourself in the elements of this practice, it can have a direct effect on your immune system leaving you feeling healthy, vibrant, and alive.

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Yoga Accessory - Improving Your Immune System - Majisports

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