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To Your Health: Kaiser Permanente to Offer Yoga Classes

Those who do yoga regularly are familiar with its many health benefits. Not only can it help you to become stronger and more flexible, which can prevent injury, but it can also help you to de-stress, improve your focus, and rejuvenate your body and mind.

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Kaiser Permanente thinks highly enough of the restorative power of yoga to start offering classes to its patients in certain areas of the country. The health care consortium offers a variety of different classes to its patients. Some are more knowledge-based, such as lectures on women's health. Others are much more hands-on, like yoga.

Majisports applauds Kaiser Permanente for providing people with the opportunity to do what's good for them, instead of merely telling them what to do. It's so much easier to take a step in the right direction if someone creates a space for you to put your foot down. Kaiser Permanente is doing everything it can to promote good exercise habits in its patients.


We hope that other healthcare providers will soon follow suit.

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If you are a member at Kaiser Permanente , you can check the Kaiser Permanente website to see if they're offering any yoga classes near you. Hopefully, you'll find one that fits into your schedule.

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