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When people think of yoga, they often think of being quiet and meditative. But another part of yoga is the joy of simple movement, and anyone can enjoy that... even pirates.

We found this chart of yoga poses being demonstrated by pirates and just had to share. Not only are the poses accurate, but they also include the Sanskrit transliteration. They also show that even the peg-legged and hook-handed can enjoy and benefit from the practice of yoga. 

The Lighter Side of Yoga: Pirate Poses

There may not be an official asana called "Rolling on the Floor, Laughing," but, since laughter is the best medicine, you can be sure that it's good for you, anyway. Have a smile and a laugh today, and you'll feel all the lighter during your yoga practice later.

Just try not to fall out of your garudasana (eagle pose) because you were thinking about pirates during your next class. ;)

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