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­­­Health is a state of complete harmony of the Mind, Body & Soul...

We hear the phrase "body and soul," but sometimes wonder what that might mean. One interpretation of the phrase is when you perform a task, for example, you put your whole being into the action. It is a way to state that you are fully committed to the task. But the question still remains: what is the body and what is the soul? And how are they related to the overall health of an individual?

­­­Health is a state of complete harmony of the Mind, Body & Soul...
Let's take a closer look at these two entities, how they relate to the awareness of your fully committed self, and ways to integrate them into a harmonious and synergistic way of living your life.

The Body

The body, of course, is our physical representation of ourselves. We are made up of bones, muscles, organs. We have the sense of smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight. We can think of the body as a vessel that reminds us of our existence.
Fall in love with taking care of yourself
When we breathe, stub a toe, or strain a muscle, the body reminds us that we are alive. We can perform intentional actions like exercising, getting enough sleep at night, and eating nutritious meals to enhance that existence. For most,focusing on the physical is only way they experience the fullness of their lives.
Physically Fit
The soul can be thought of as the "non-physical" part of yourself. In essence, it is the spiritual part of your being. Some philosophies and traditions state that the soul "drives" the body. It's what gives the body life. One can say that this is an expansion of the life experience. Not only does one pay attention to their physical existence, but they also integrate their spiritual selves.
expansion of the life experience of the life experience
Ways in which a person may become more aware of their soul or non-physical existence is through meditation, breath work, prayer, or spiritual ceremonies to name a few. These are actions that help an individual tap into something potentially deeper than the physical part of themselves.Nature Benefit
The benefit of integrating these two parts of yourself is to live a more holistic life. You will discover that walking this planet is much more than the body and its parts. When you are able to recognize the spiritual part of yourself, you will begin to see the same soulfulness in others and all other living creatures and objects around you.
The benefit of integrating these two parts of yourself is to live a more holistic life.
Even the phrase "body and soul" becomes more meaningful. You will be able to fully commit yourself to the people you encounter and the actions you perform. For example, when you see the value of preserving the environment, you will be able to fully immerse into actions toward making the earth a better place. Further, you will see the essence of other human beings and you will be able to be more compassionate and loving toward them.
And of course, that commitment benefits you, too. When you exercise, practice yoga, sit in meditation, and eat healthy foods you are showing a care for your physical self that will also nurture your spiritual self. When you take care of your outer being, you are also committing to the fullness of your soulful being.
Body And Soul
So, when you invest in taking care of your body, also know that you are servicing your soul. Creating this harmonious balance among the many parts of yourself leads to an enriched and synergistic way of living; a full commitment to your whole existence.


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