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When it comes to yoga, there's no one method that suits everyone the same. Individuals are unique, so you need to practice yoga in a way that works best for you, which may not necessarily be the same as your best friend or your favorite celebrity.

Power yoga

If you're trying to figure out what type of yoga best suits you, these five types are a great place to start. They're popular for a reason: they're very effective, relatively easy to pick up on, and it's easy to find classes or yoga studios that offer them.

You may find that you like one better than all of the others, or you may choose to incorporate several different styles into your practice. In any case, it might be a good idea to try all of these different styles at least once, just to see which one works the best for you.

1.) Hatha Yoga

When most people think of yoga in the United States, they're picturing Hatha yoga in their heads. This type of yoga is foundational, and many other types build upon it. It incorporates asanas, pranayama (regulated breathing), dharana and dhyana (meditation), and kundalini (also known as "Laya yoga").

Hatha Yoga

2.) Power Yoga

Derived from the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, this type of practices flows dynamically from one pose to the next, giving you an intense workout with a relaxing cool-down at the end. It's the choice practice of fitness buffs, and is great for toning and slimming your body.

Power Yoga

3.) Restorative Yoga

This type of yoga is focused on relaxation and clearing your mind. It involves lying in different positions so that your muscles can passively relax. It's harder than it sounds and is actually quite challenging, but also invigorating.

Restorative Yoga

4.) TriYoga

This style is quite modern, and a big hit with those who love dance. Developed by yogi Kali Ray, it focuses on three aspects of yoga practice: asana, pranayama, and mudra (focus). The practice flows smoothly, and participants are encouraged to focus on all three aspects throughout the entire practice.


5.) Hot Yoga

It has Also known as "hot yoga" classes run for exactly 90 minutes and consist of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. It's ideally practiced in a room heated to 105°F with 40% humidity.

Bikram Yoga

But no matter which type you choose, you're going to need a good yoga mat at your side. Be sure to check out our store and get the perfect mat to aid you in the practice of your preferred yoga style.

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