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Peak Relief Roller
Peak Relief Roller

Peak Relief Roller


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Peak Relief Deep Tissue Massage Roller

Massage Roller

Size: Size: 13” x 5.5” (330mm x 140mm)

* Eco-certified EVA foam, SGS passed  - 100% raw material, EVA foam

* Created by occupational therapists

* Unique design with dimpled surface for deeper massage to relieve muscular pain and tightness similar to the thumbs of a massage therapist

* Stretches muscles and other soft tissues in multiple directions, breaking down "knots" to help increase your flexibility and help relieve back pain

* PVC core so it won't lose it's shape

* Compact enough to travel with

* Great for Pilates, yoga and fitness clinics

* Outside : 100% EVA, Inside : 100% PVC, Inner : 100 % EVA 


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