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Cardio, Stretching/Yoga, Recovery & Grip Strength.
Cardio, Stretching/Yoga, Recovery & Grip Strength.
Cardio, Stretching/Yoga, Recovery & Grip Strength.
Cardio, Stretching/Yoga, Recovery & Grip Strength.
Cardio, Stretching/Yoga, Recovery & Grip Strength.
Cardio, Stretching/Yoga, Recovery & Grip Strength.
Cardio, Stretching/Yoga, Recovery & Grip Strength.

Cardio, Stretching/Yoga, Recovery & Grip Strength.


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Hand grip:

Forearm Muscularity – Train your forearm flexors & extensors to develop impressive muscular forearms using this handgrip. Perfect for those people who have Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel And also great for musicians, athletes, golfers, rock climbers and tennis players.

Hand Endurance – Using a handgrip can considerably increase the amount of strength your hands can apply for longer time. A practical area for which this provides instant benefits is, for instance, when you are carrying things like suitcases or heavy bags.

Grip: Great for enhancing hand and finger grip strength, endurance & dexterity

Adjustable: Use the screw cap to easily adjust from 22.04 lbs - 88.18 lbs.

Easy to carry: Carry this compact handgrip anywhere in your pocket, gym bag or your luggage while travelling.

Jump rope (with Aluminium Handle):

Easy to use – Whether you are a beginner or are pro-level athlete, this jump rope will be your perfect cardio companion. From normal skipping to serious jump rope training. This rope has been designed to suit all requirements

Light and fast – Weighing only 180g, this jump is a great tool for high speed cardio routine. The 360-degree double ball bearing system makes it tangle and twist free. PVC coated steel cable, ball bearings for proper rotation, smooth motion and super-fast speeds for light warm-ups to gruelling cardio routines.

Textured Handles – Textured aluminium handles make this jump rope slip resistant.

Compact and easy to carry - Never have an excuse to ever miss out on fitness again. It is light and easy to carry with you anywhere, fits easily in a backpack, briefcase or purse so that you can use it for a quick or long workout anytime and anywhere.

9 benefits of using a jump rope – Improves coordination, Decreases Foot and Ankle Injuries, Burns Major Calories, Completely Portable and Fun, Improves Bone Density, Improves Cardiovascular Health, Improved Breathing Efficiency, Makes You Smarter, Improves Your Ability to Stay Calm

Versatile tool – A jump rope can be used with any kind of training like CrossFit, MMA, weight training, strength training etc.

Foot Massager - 7.5X17.5cm:

  • Relieves stiffened muscles and tissues in hands, arms, legs & feet
  • Stimulates & soothes any sore or tired muscle when you roll it under your feet
  • A great choice for relieving plantar fasciitis
  • Small size makes it easy to carry with and also use it anytime, anywhere
  • The unique pressure points and arc design of the massage roller can greatly relieve muscle pain

Elastic Yoga Straps (With 9 Loops):

  • 68 inches long yoga strap with 9 loops: Our elastic strap is easy to use during Pilates, yoga or just for gaining more flexibility. If you want to challenge yourself for more advance-level stretches, deepen your current practice further or stabilise a yoga pose, this yoga strap will help you achieve your desired goal.
  • What do you get: 1 pc yoga strap, 1 pc carry bag with instruction manual.
  • Build flexibility & endurance with greater control: This yoga strap will help you stabilise your yoga poses and help you stretch with better control. Good form is one of the most essential aspects of any exercise. Increased stability will help you achieve better form needed to improve endurance and flexibility.
  • Multiple loop design as per your needs: 9 independent loops make it easy to get a grip on the strap and make it any length you want. You can use the same strap in various lengths as per the requirement of your stretch/yoga pose or as you make progress with your flexibility level.
  • Multi-Purpose: Helpful in dynamic warm-up before yoga, other sports and daily stretching routine. It is a great tool for physical therapy, recovery, rehabilitation, and enhancing overall flexibility. Yoga straps are great for runners, yoga enthusiasts, ballet dancers or any other athletic people.
  • Easy to use & easy to stretch: Easy to use and small enough to carry around in a small bag for your convenience.


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