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At Maji Sports, we provide you with the best yoga & fitness accessories at the most exclusive rates and finest quality. Our principle is to offer our customers with only premium yoga & fitness accessories. Along with providing great offers, Maji Sports offers exciting discounts on the purchase of wholesale yoga & fitness accessories. When you make a purchase in bulk, we offer you with discounts and other great offers. If you practice yoga, Pilates, P90x and Crossfit, we have the perfect accessories for you.

If you are running a yoga or Pilates studio and require yoga, Pilates and fitness accessories in bulk, please reach out to Maji Sports at Some of the accessories we sell include, yoga mitts and socks, foam rollers, meditation zafus, yoga bolsters, acupressure mats and pillows, yoga blocks, yoga towels and yoga bags.

Thank you for your interest. For wholesale, corporate sales and distribution inquiries, please email or call us.

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