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 "I love my purple Maji Mat -- now my knees and elbows can appreciate yoga as much as the rest of my body does!!! Brilliant design!!" - Robina Royer

“This MajiMat™ is great. The Mat provides great protection for the knees and joints while providing plenty of space to execute other yoga poses!” - Michael K. Los Angeles, CA


“I have been waiting for a mat like this. No more knee pain!” Joselyn B. Santa Monica, CA


“The MajiMat™ is Awesome!” Irene A. Los Angeles, CA


“I use to have to fold my mat to minimize knee pain, but no more! With the MajiMat™ I can do all the Knee poses without pain.” Geraldine T. New York, NY


“I Love This Mat! Thank you for creating a much needed mat” Henrik A. San Francisco, CA


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