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10 Great Reasons to Buy Happy Knees Mats During this Holiday Season:

  1. The Only Mat of Its Kind with Memory Foam and Foam to Support Your, Knees, Wrists, and Forearms in Your Yoga, Mat Pilates, or Floor Exercises
  2. Great Price Considering all the Features & Benefits
  3. Makes for  a Great Holiday Gift
  4. Great Comfort & Support for Your Joints
  5. Innovative Honeycomb Surface with Great Traction
  6. Sweat Absorption Mesh Embedded Into the Surface to Enhance Traction & Greatly Minimize Slipping
  7. Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber Mat Helping Preserve Our Environment
  8. Our Happy Knees Mats Have no Smell Unlike Many of Our Competitors
  9. Easy to Clean-Use Clorox Wipes or Water, Lemon, and Baking Soda Solution to Spray Your Happy Knees Mat to Kill all Bacteria
  10. Each Happy Knees Mat You Buy Contributes Money to Build Water Wells in Third World Countries in Africa, Asia, and South America


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