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We Care About Your Health & Our Environment!
Maji Sports, based in Los Angeles, CA, was founded by Giovanni Villa, a long-time fitness enthusiast, chef, personal trainer and certified yoga instructor; and Bemnet Kibreab, a former Wall Street professional and avid yoga practitioner.
Watching people struggle with support & balance in their yoga class, they wanted to make sure people get proper cushioning and support during their yoga sessions. This drove Giovanni & Bemnet to design a yoga & exercise mat with targeted contours with extra cushioning and support for your knees and wrists. This cutting edge mat would become known as the Happy Knees mat. When we released the first version of the mat back in 2012 it weighted 7lbs. We decided to pull the mat from the market and go back to the drawing board. After nearly eight years of development, we will finally be releasing the mat in Q4 of 2020.

Our Aim

At Maji Sports, we all work together with the aim of helping as many people reach their fitness and wellness goals. Our aim is to lead an exclusive lifestyle brand that makes mental health & physical fitness accessible to all while keeping quality and sustainability in check.

Our Environment:

We are committed to to having a zero carbon footprint with all the products that we manufacture and sell around the world. This is the reason why we have teamed up with EcoCart. For every product you buy a percentage of your purchase is given back to EcoCart for the purpose of funding Certified Carbon Offset Projects around the globe. The way it works is that each purchase that's made has its CO2 impact calculated and an amount is given to fund various Certified Carbon Offset Projects. This makes it so that your purchase has a zero carbon impact on the planet.

Our Name

Maji (pronounced “MAA-g”), is derived from the Swahili language (which is spoken in parts of Africa), meaning ‘Water’ and is meant to pay homage to people living in areas with scarcity of water throughout the world, especially to the women working hard every single day to collect and carry water. By providing potable water to these places, we will make it possible for young ladies to get an education, which in turn will help many escape the cycle of poverty. It is a known fact that when women are educated, the poverty rate drops by over 70% in these families. We believe in protecting & respecting our resources and our planet Earth for the future generations to live in

We Commit to Make You Eco-Fit!

We care about our Environment to an extent that almost all our products available are eco-friendly and sustainable. We believe in staying natural and yet compact so health & wellness always stays a part of nature and all of us lead a harm-free lifestyle. Our Jute Eco Premium Yoga & Exercise mat, made of 100% Jute fiber is anti-microbial making it “The Perfect Choice” for an eco-friendly extra sweaty workout. We also manufacture yoga meditation zafus and bolsters that are made by hand. They are made of 100% raw organic cotton. Our zafus and bolsters are made in India by a family that has been making these items for generations. We also make it a point to only manufacture our bolsters with factories that pay an honest wage to their employees with the aim to help their workers escape the cycle of poverty.

Our Products

At Maji Sports, we create good quality yoga, fitness, meditation and rehabilitation products that are well-designed and eco-friendly. Most of our products are small in size making them easy to carry and easy to use anywhere, anytime. We have a long range of Fitness Accessories, specifically designed for muscle recovery and body support that are ergonomically-designed & eco-friendly. Each product has been carefully designed keeping in mind our purpose to give you the ultimate in quality and function.

Yoga & Meditation

The path of yoga is the path of self-discovery. As our self-image disintegrates, we contact our true self and life becomes a great joy. We at Maji Sports try to make Yoga & Meditation easy to adapt and qualitatively accessible to all the yogis from beginner to advanced so nothing stops you from being mentally & physically sound in today’s world of chaos.

We Rise by Lifting Others

Maji Sports has taken part in various social causes like Women Abuse and supported Non-profit Organisations. We take pride in donating to the Malala Fund on a monthly basis. Their mission of helping provide education to as many girls in third world countries is a mission that we believe in. As these girls are empowered by being given an education, they will become the leaders of their communities, which will bring about the much needed improvements in their societies economy, politics, health care and nutrition.


We are aware of the fact that you have many brands to choose from but we hope that we will wow you with our quality eco-friendly products, beautiful & vibrant designs and superior service. We value and appreciate you making the time to view our collection of Pilates, Yoga & Fitness accessories. Thank you for visiting our brand! Please do let us know how we can be of service to you and your loved ones. We would be honored to be given the opportunity to WOW YOU!


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