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A complete guide to using Trigger Point Balls…

workout is important
Yes, workout is important and it keeps your mind, body & soul healthy as you need. But what’s more important is to manage your post workout strains on the body because that is what will keep you going again. Whether it is Yoga, HIIT, Weights Training at the gym or Pilates, you need to realize that while you’re at it, you’re putting a really high amount of strain on your muscles, especially when it’s your first time as your muscle movement has been restricted for a long time.
muscle soreness
While muscle soreness is also a good sign that your muscles are growing big and stronger, it is also painful and frustrating so knowing how to manage and prevent it will help you keep exercising.

1. How to manage the pain?

You can always try “Rest & Recover” or “Applying heat” and they may ease the pain but nothing works better than a good massage. It is not always necessary to have a masseuse to get a good muscle relaxing massage though.
How to manage the pain?
We have a very reliable accessory, specifically designed for muscle recovery and body support.
muscle recovery and body support
A trigger point ball helps to relieve knots in your muscles that are also known as equal friendly natural Trigger points. It is a great tool to help release and achieve melting of minor aches and pains to muscular tissue.

2. What are Trigger Points?

A trigger point is a hyperirritable spot or a sensitive point in your muscles, which if in pressure, causes pain in the muscles and other parts of your body. This is a chronic pain disorder called Myofascial Pain Syndrome and it can also be caused by repetitive motions or by stress related muscle tension.
What are Trigger Points?
Trigger points can lead to the development of other symptoms such as headaches, jaw pain, ringing in the ear, eye pain and inflammation of muscles and so it’s important that you manage and regulate them.

3. How does Trigger Point Ball help?

Trigger point ball therapy is like foam rolling; however, it allows for a more targeted and precise relieve to aching muscles. A trigger point ball is beneficial in targeting muscles of the back, neck, hips, thighs, hamstrings, chest, calves, piriformis and guts. A little bit of practice to figure out how to best maximize pressure effectively to the muscles will help you locate the right spot.
How does Trigger Point Ball help?
The targeting of the muscles is best done when you lie down on the trigger point ball, pitching it between the desired targeted muscles and the wall/floor. Once you have applied the right pressure at the right location, you should feel a clear and muscular sensation, like the release of a pressure from your muscles.

4. What are some basic exercises that can be done with a trigger point ball?

4.1 Exercise 1

Trigger Point Release for lower back
Lie down comfortably with the feet placed on the floor. Place the Trigger Point Ball under the lower back muscles away from the spine and above the bony part of lower back. Take a slow deep breath and exhale while pulling your left knee towards the chest. Inhale while placing the foot back to floor. Repeat the same with each leg alternatively.

4.2 Exercise 2

Trigger Point Release for glutes
Sit on your side with your legs stretched out and place the Trigger Point Ball under the side of the glute. Move in circular motion anti-clockwise and clockwise. Also, make movements back and forth to massage the area. Repeat the same for the other side.
Trigger Point Release for glutes

4.3 Exercise 3

Massage for quadriceps
Balance your body weight facing downwards on both the arms and right leg. Place the left leg on top the Trigger Point Ball bending it at knee leaving few inches above the knee. Gently roll your left quadriceps on the ball in the direction of the arrows. Reverse & repeat to mas-sage the right quadriceps.

4.4 Exercise 4

Massage for hamstrings
Massage for hamstrings
Place both hands behind the back with fingers point slightly backwards & bend your right leg on a soft and non-slippery surface like a yoga mat. Balance the weight of your body on both of your hands and right leg. Place the left hamstring on top the ball. Gently roll your left hamstring on the ball in the direction of the arrows. Reverse & repeat the position to massage the right ham-string.

4.5 Exercise 5

Stretching for Piriformis Pain and Spasms
Stretching for Piriformis Pain and Spasms
Lie down on your back with your knees bent and one knee slightly extended than the other. Place the ball on the side of the tail bone below the bony part of the lower back. Rotate the knee externally almost till the ground and take it back to the original place. Repeat it a few times.
5. Some Tips on using Trigger Point Ball for more relief
5.1 It’s important to focus on only a few knots at a time.
5.2 Make sure to stretch after the release of each knot and drink plenty of water.
5.3 Applying heat to the muscle before treatment will go a long way into helping achieve the desired release.
5.4 It is best to allow the muscle to relax for 24-48 hours after the release of a knot.
Maji Sports Trigger Point Ball
Try out Maji Sports Trigger Point Ball, Certified by state of California, made of Natural Rubber and not petroleum which is toxic and irritates your skin. It is Eco-friendly and anti-microbial, available in vibrant colors and compact in size so you can easily pack it in your bag and travel anywhere you’d like. It comes with an instruction manual to help you guide with achieving the desired effect on your muscles.

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