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Design your own customised Yoga mats with one of your favourite pictures available now only at Maji Sports!
Manufactured with a unique technology using anti-skid macro molecules, this beautiful travel yoga mat is easy to personalize and a great gifting item.
1. Great gifting item for anyone:
Customized image of your loved ones, pet or a memorable image printed on the surface of a high quality yoga mat makes this product a great gifting item.
2. Eco-friendly yoga mats for a green initiative:
This yoga mat is made of Natural Rubber & Suede, which provides a soft feel and quick absorption of sweat.
3. Anti-skid macro-molecules technology:
Fine micro-particles increase friction in all directions increasing the user's grip on the mat.
4. Extra light for your Fitness on the road:
Our eco-friendly yoga mat is the perfect travel companion as it is light and easy to carry. It weighs only 2 lbs.


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