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The better your practice, the brighter your flame. Yoga towels are substitutes to yoga mats to keep your face & body sweat-free during exercise. It is a much needed prop for intense yoga workouts, such as Bikram Yoga or “Hot Yoga” to prevent slippage due to a sweaty surface.

Yoga towels make excellent exercise towels and workout towels because of their absorbent qualities. Buy hot yoga towels with quick drying surface in different textures for different styles of yoga practice only at Maji Sports. If you like to keep your gear fashionable, you can also find a variety of solid colors as well as tie-dye colors with a soft, suede like feel on the feet.

Advantages of buying Maji Sports Yoga towels:

  • Superior grip & traction
  • Silicon surface and microfiber technology
  • Slip resistant and hygienic surface
  • Tightly woven fibers to give a soft feel


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