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There are many reasons why people practice yoga: some people want to get more flexible, perhaps they have an injured back that needs some healing. Another main reason why people move towards a yoga practice is because it can help with mental focus, peace of mind, and clarity.

If you want to challenge yourself for more advance-level stretches, deepen your current practice further or stabilise a yoga pose, Maji Sports has a long range of Extra Durable Elastic Yoga Straps, available in both 9 and 10 loops. We also have a set of three elastic yoga straps to make progress with your flexibility level. All these yoga straps are easy to get a grip on and you can adjust them to any required length.

long range of extra durable elastic yoga strapsYoga straps will help you stabilise your yoga poses and help you stretch with better control. Good form is one of the most essential aspects of any exercise. Increased stability will help you achieve the better form needed to improve endurance and flexibility.

Available with carry bags and instruction manuals, it is easy to use and carry them anywhere you need. Buy the multi-purpose elastic straps helpful for runners, ballet dancers, yoga enthusiasts, soccer players, boxers, cross trainers, swimmers, wrestlers, baseball players, basketball players, and football players. You can buy all these products at Maji Sports.


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