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Ever heard someone say, “I don’t need a tool to help me stretch — I already do yoga!”? But using a foam roller is a necessary element of your yoga practice, and an amazing tool for massaging sore muscles after workouts like running or cross-training. You can even incorporate them into your regular workouts.

Buy best priced Foam Rollers in various textures and color combinations only at Maji Sports, created by Occupational Therapists, to help release muscular pain by enhancing blood & oxygen flow to muscle tissue. Not just for yoga, it is great for Pilates and Fitness clinics. Maji sports foam rollers come with a solid dense material to withstand heavy usage in following textures for different workouts:

  • Honeycomb EVA
  • Taffy EVA
  • Solid Tri-Ribbed
  • Lactic Muscle Release
  • Camo Deep Tissue Massage Roller
  • Tie Dye lactic muscle release
  • Tie Dye Musrelax

Benefits of Foam Rolling: 

As many of you know, foam rolling has become very popular in the last few years. For those who aren't too familiar with foam rolling, it is simply a form of self massage that is used to rid the body of adhesions to the body and connective tissue that usually becomes sore and inflamed after physical exercise. Foam rolling is also known as a form of self-myofascial release.  One of the main benefits of foam rolling is that it helps increase oxygenated blood flow to your aching sore muscles, which helps expedite recovery and mobility to your muscles and improve performance in all your physical activities.  Foam rolling also helps you with:

  • Injury prevention by making sure your muscles don't stay tight. When a muscle is tight it is more prone to injury. Foam rolling helps self-release of tight muscles and fascia, thus helping loosen and increase muscle function, which leads to increased overall performance in the field.
  • The performance of a muscle is partly determined by its full use, thus, tight muscles will limit the range to which the muscle will perform. Self myofascial release will increase your muscles full range potential during your physical activities. For those looking for optimal performance from their muscles, it is recommended that they incorporate stretching and rehabilitation.
  • Yin-yoga is one of the best ways to increase muscle performance and help prevent muscular injuries.
  • When our muscles are tight and sore it leads to the body feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Foam rolling will help you manage stress by helping alleviate the discomfort that is brought by tight muscles which can impact your work performance, sleep, love life and overall wellbeing.
  • Foam rolling will also help your body's natural healing process by allowing your central nervous system to be aware of what needs repairing.
  • One of the best and most noticeable the benefits of foam rolling is that it will help you perform your daily tasks and activities with much greater ease and fluidity due to your muscles being able to be used to their full intended range of motion.
  • One of the least talked about benefits of foam rolling is its positive effect on helping the body rid itself of toxins like lactic acid. This can help your body age more gracefully and reduce cellulite.


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