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the technology

Texture of our mat

The Mat

Boost your performance and protection with MajiMat™, the most advanced yoga mat, featuring natural rubber with a unique three-dimensional pattern and soft texture that provides superior non-slip properties. The MajiMat™ offers the space to perform all yoga poses with the benefit of durable impact protection where you need it most. Low-profile, structured foam cells in strategic impact zones help absorb, disperse and deflect impact and protect against abrasion.

Knee support

Revolutionary Knee Support

The MajiMat™ is the first mat to be introduced with the revolutionary knee protection and support system. The knee support system is ergonomically designed to contour around the knees and provides superior support for bones and joints. The knee support system is engineered from both firm and memory foam for durability and comfort. The top layer consists of a moisture wicking fabric to keep the surface dry and provide maximum performance.

Edge support

The Edge Support

The Edge Support system provides extra support and cushion for bones and joints for ultimate versatility in the practice of yoga. The Edge Support is ergonomically engineered from proprietary foam and covered with moisture wicking fabric to keep the surface dry and provide maximum performance. The Edge Support system is designed with strategically placed ridges to allow for the MajiMat™ to easily roll as a standard yoga mat.

the buzz


Buy Yoga Clothing for Better Body Flexibility and Improved Performance

People with busy work schedules often find it difficult to attain their ideal fitness level. After endless procrastination, they finally start eating healthy and begin exercising blindly without knowing what sort of exercise will do the trick. In fact, they need something constructive that can aid them in both, their overall physical fitness and mental health. Yoga meditation is the oldest, yet most effective form of exercise performed by the worldwide yoga community. Calling it a science of wellbeing and youthfulness is not an exaggeration. It consists of various body movements, enhance functional postures and breathing exercises. Beginners may have many difficulties in performing different poses correctly. But they really don’t need to fuss about anything because a wide range of Yoga accessories is available in the market to help them perform each pose with the utmost ease and high efficiency. The most commonly used yoga props include yoga bolsters, yoga mats, meditation pillows, foam rollers and many other props. These props will enhance your efforts and increase results when practicing a typical yoga session.

Along with appropriate props, Yoga clothing is also very necessary for a more comfortable yoga session. Unlike ordinary clothing that only contributes to personal adornment, yoga clothing is active wear especially designed to improve your performance during yoga sessions. Apart from this, it provides better body flexibility and optimum comfort. You can avail yourself to majisports entire active wear collection which comes in various sizes, colours, textures to meet your different tastes and choices.