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Exercise Bar & Foot Massage Roller
Exercise Bar & Foot Massage Roller
Exercise Bar & Foot Massage Roller
Exercise Bar & Foot Massage Roller
Exercise Bar & Foot Massage Roller
Exercise Bar & Foot Massage Roller

Exercise Bar & Foot Massage Roller


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Foot Massage Roller - 7.5X17.5cm

The Foot Massager relieves stiffened muscles and tissues in hands, arms, legs & feet.

It stimulates & soothes any sore or tired muscle when you roll it under your feet.

A great choice to relieve Plantar Fasciitis, its small size makes it easy to carry and to use it anywhere, anytime.

The unique pressure points and arc design of the massage roller can greatly relieve muscle pain.


Home/Anywhere Full Body Workout Setup: Whether you are at home or on the go, the choice of staying fit and strong will never be an excuse with the ‘PORTABLE FULL BODY EXERCISE BAR WITH RESISTANCE BANDS’ setup. This ‘Anywhere Full Body Gym’ allows you to work on your all major muscle groups in the upper and lower body.

The Ultimate All-round Fitness Choice: The perfect choice for a complete all-round fitness workout that includes strength, muscle gains, toning, flexibility and mobility.

Durable & Light Weight: A good quality Aluminium exercise bar makes it a great lightweight workout setup that is built to last. The iron fittings attached to different components ensure safety and durability of the entire setup.

Easy to Carry: A 15 component setup including a three-piece exercise bar that can be easily carried in a carry bag provided with the product. Light weight and specially designed portable setup make this product a very convenient choice for storage & to move around with.

Easy to Assemble: Easy attachment function on the ends of the bar, carabiners, and metal rings make it a fast & easy to assemble setup to begin your workout in no time.

Ideal for Door-Workout: The option of using a door anchor adds to the versatility of using this product for door-based exercises like a Chest Press.

From Beginner to advance level: Three levels of resistance bands (green – beginner, blue – intermediate, yellow – advance) included to increase the intensity & effectiveness of your workout as you make progress or just want to increase the intensity.


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