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We all know that yoga is good for the body: it helps to keep you fit, toned, and flexible. But it's not only good for your muscles. Did you know that doing yoga can also aid your digestion?

Certain yoga positions, such as the seated spinal twist, can help your digestion. The way your body turns can massage your internal organs, helping your digestion along. So not only can yoga help you to stay fit and strong, but it can also keep everything moving along as it should.

There are a few different positions that you can try, but do remember that you have to keep up a regular practices if you want to see... well, regular results.

You can start off easy, with marjariasana (also known as the "cat-cow" stretch). Not only is this pose good for your digestion, but it's also good for stretching out your lower back as well. It's a great way to ease yourself into a digestion-focused workout. 

Up your workout with vajrasana (also known as the "seated heart-opener"). Sit on your heels and place your palms on the floor behind you. Drop your head back and enjoy the deep stretch through the front of your body. It'll also massage your digestive tract, and encourage things to get moving.

Bharadvaja's Twist, also known as the "seated spinal twist" (pictured above), is great for your flexibility and your digestive tract.

To wind down, you can finish with Pavanmuktasana (also known as the "wind-relieving pose"). Lie on your back and draw your knees into your chest. You can sway your knees from side to side for a deeper stretch, too.

Yoga is so good for your entire body, head to toe, inside and out. Keep doing that yoga and keep reaping those benefits!

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